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Guys in front of them. So they don't have a lot of drive and kick driving dump situations. That's going to be super important. The tap is controlled by the Denver Nuggets. And a we. Right to left. Barton has it on the high right side. Very picks up the dribble throws into yoga block that pass Yokich falls on it. He's tied up at the free throw line. It'd be a jump ball. Believe it'll be Nicoli yoga who roots. Jumping it up. If to win this one they'll be nine seconds on the shot box. Joker should win. This. You think this is not high? Sappers controlled jumpsuit, early vita Brooklyn. That's and back. The other way come the Brooklyn nets across the timeline is Brooklyn hand off on the high side over the Harris. Harris throws it inside the arc Allan Allan guarded there by Nicole yoga chanted after Russell Russell through the window to Alan leans in public the rim. Loose ball comes down to Mason. Good calls out by Mason Plumlee. Those are the right side of Murray. Top of the key Barton, and a three jumper is good. He got the role and the scoreboard. First there on top three to nothing shooters touch to start things off. Silence. Barton hits that first one top of the key. Kuru shoots a three pointer that one MRs rebound down to Yokich linked to the pool the leak Beasley he gets cut off. Walk throws it back out behind him over to Mari very Kuru. Jabs aqua cutting Yokich drives on Russell hands. It off the top. The big they're nice pass by Nicole, yoga and Mason Plumlee used to be Brooklyn nets homecoming for him drafted by guru tattoo. Low blocked again by Mason, Plumlee, he's got two in the opening ninety seconds loose ball comes out over the Jamal Murray. Head fake and a three. Yes. Not the net. Eight nothing nuggets they're pitching a shutout in the opening nine seconds. Angela Russell is across the timeline gets a high pick their from Alan throws it on the right side. Antonoff behind him over the hair. She attached to pay turnaround jumper is on the way. That one is good read on down in a coal Yokich, yoga, Chaz it across a time line in the front porch of all Murray for another three that one's off the right side rebound and grabbed in the middle by our he throws it off. I'm the over the left side. The Harris Harris is in the corner. Throws it over the Russell three pointer missed everything. Tough rebound down Allen turnaround hook shot. Good and a foul on. The other area. I think it's going to be important is going to be rebounding. And especially.

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