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With cooper about that before we get off of this and move to the epl preview. Which i know is why most of you are here. Although i'm guessing all of you who loved the sport are interested in this topic on messy. This is unbelievable what we've been watching Real quick on. Ps g So now we're looking at a team that has messy imbaba neymar as a front three They've brought in. I mean and the fact that they've done all this business on free transfers with ramos and messy and wynalda Who there was. There's somebody else do that. I'm forgetting But at any rate this team is insane. And i've i've kind of heard the narrative put out there. Yeah donald trump that's right there goalkeeper. Who won the tournament the euros. I mean my god. It's madness And so like. I will say credit to ps g. Yeah they gotta pay all this money in wages but they've done a lot on free transfers so You know at least they're keeping their spending in check somewhat in that way the thing i've heard now with regards to the upcoming season and moreover so with champions league is that this champions league now almost feels like a foregone conclusion. I would caution people to pump the brakes on that. I don't feel that way. I'm not saying the. Ps g won't be great and they would probably be my probably. They will be my favorite to win it but a front three. Let me ask you right now. Front three of of messy at thirty four Imbaba and neymar imbaba at the beginning of his prime name. All right in the middle of it is that a more intimidating front three. Then the messi neymar suarez front three at barcelona. And then i mean every year and that team had any esta and other greats. And i'm psg do to but it wasn't a foregone conclusion necessarily that that bar team was gonna win every year saw. I'm not willing to say that. This is any kind of foregone conclusion whatsoever. No and sport has a way of of humbling. The mighty and i think it was only a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about the business. That ps were doing signing donna room by the way signing sergio ram also will now be a teammate of lena. Messy yeah unbelievable but We we talked about this team. And you know. I'm not fully convinced about them. Defensively as good as martinez says as experienced as roma's Compound not convinced by you know. There's there's ways to get them and also you might have to get them because look at their record of the last few seasons. Maybe the changes this season but neymars never be one hundred percent fit for them when it came to the business. End of the champions league on imbaba struggled with injury last season two so i would tend to are on the side of caution before i go pilot money on with them. Yeah and there's a lot of players that are gonna be on this team. The back three that you mentioned martinez compan- day rama's i actually do think highly of those players. But we all know that in this sport. Defending is a team concept. It doesn't necessarily just fall to those players at the back. So i just wonder okay. They've put together outrageously talented. You know all time. Great attack-minded team but do they have players. That will buy into any kind of team concept when it comes to defending having to track back. I don't know so like back. Might be very good. But i just wonder is like like could any back three without help from other parts of the field be able to withstand that. Yeah i know. But i'm gonna correct course at a bit on this like someone like variety is top quality professional and. I don't think you could question him. In that. regard there They've got other midfielders as well. That will do that job. I'm i'm just saying that people shouldn't you know. Jump to to conclusions yet. I i still think. It's gonna be fascinating. The on as much as i hit this project. I can't wait for the book that's gonna promoted. Yeah the ex g philosophy. Jj they tweeted the Expected goals per ninety minutes last season for messy. It was point eight. Two neymars was point. Eight four and bought they was point. Eight seven so the x g per ninety minutes was two and a half goals per game. I mean we're talking. We're sitting here talking about like i don't know if they're gonna be able to defend well if they're tina scoring three goals like at least on a nightly basis like how much i don't know how much defending or you're going to have to do all of a sudden all of a sudden mass. He's going to be on a team. Because i i know i'm not not obviously speaking for everyone in the in the you know the spanish speaking world because i knew it's not the case that there's a lot of rail madrid finds out there fans of other teams to i understand that but where i come from a was such a joy to watch messy that you you root for barcelona unless they were against your team you root for them always and now he's going to be on a team who are the debt star. They are the bad guys. And it's going to be It's gonna be fun to root against them. So keep your eyes open for the The interview that we're going to have coming up probably early next week. I would say most likely tuesday. You'll see that. Come out. With simon cooper the author of this book about messy in barcelona. I can't wait. See i have so many questions. It because again the big thing the biggest question that i have for him that you and i can't answer. We can only speculate on is i. Just keep wondering. Jj if barcelona if joan laporta if if he knew all along because you hear these stats about even if messy had volunteered to play the season for free they still would not have been able to do it within the parameters of lolitas rules and it wasn't even close and so like i know barcelona and laporta were saying that you know what we just got back our financial audit. We don't we didn't know until now bs there's just no way. The numbers are not close. Enough where you couldn't have possibly known until hours before messy was supposed to sign this deal. This felt to me like they to me. I'm saying my conspiracy theory. They always knew they always knew that this relationship wasn't gonna continue but they were trying to save face. Remember laporta basically won this election by we always said a vote for laporta was vote for messy to remain at the club so he got into office on that. I think he knew we can't do this. But i can't i can't make it look like i'm the one who's forcing him out now. After saying that. I want him to stay so i think that this was the way that they went about it. That is my opinion. I can't wait to ask simon if what he thinks if if barcelona always knew that this relationship was going to have to end and they just didn't know how to manage it andrew going to stop you there. I could talk forever about that. That particular wrinkle. You're in in this amazing story You're onto something there but we will save it. We all know otherwise. Who's gonna talk about. Brentford you really have a way of transition. Your master of the transition. I'll tell you what. I'm not even going to attempt a transition from this into brentford or whatever. So let's go ahead. Let's take a quick break. We'll we'll gather ourselves. We'll take off our messy. Jerseys will come back. We'll put on our brentford kits full kit f. k. w. brentford..

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