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Not all getting caught up in this. Speaking of the next, Donovan Mitchell, his trade market appears to be expanding, not what Knicks fans want to hear. Nick spans want to hear the deal is done and Donovan Mitchell's going to New York, but it sounds like what's going on is the jazz are, they've had conversations with the Knicks. They know what the Knicks are offering, have a pretty good feel of what that offers at. And now they're going to go check around the rest of the league and see what the rest of the league will give them in a deal for Donovan Mitchell. I still think ultimately he winds up in New York, but any angel co, we're going to make the next wait a little bit and see what they can get. You know, probably going to be a pretty decent return for Mitchell. So we'll see where that ultimately winds up. But it's possible. I mean, another team could come in and offer something that just can't quite match and next thing you know, Donovan Mitchell is off somewhere else, but I still think the Knicks have got to be the favorite here. Yeah, I think it probably is too. And I think this is probably a little bit of the jazz come back with, hey, here's what we have for other offers. You want to add to it. I'm going to go off topic just slightly here because it's related to this. Where I saw this news was through a woj thing on YouTube. And it's like, man, I can already follow Twitter and watch NBA today. Montreal is like, I got to now go find you on YouTube too. Like, come on, stay off our corner. Let us have this little corner here. You just tweet and write stuff. But that's just me being a gripe of being old and not wanting to have to continue to open more tabs in my browser. But anyway, I think what he's saying makes sense, right? When the Knicks are being asked for, we want top in and Grimes and quickly, and then we also want 6 first round picks and all that stuff. The next are like, we're going to take either a couple players or a couple picks out. You've got to make up your mind. We're not giving it at all. And I think the jazz are looking at it and saying, well, hey, the 6 first round picks. A couple of those are pretty heavily protected picks from the pistons and wizards. That may not convey for years. When they do, convey, they're going to be non lottery, like where are we going with this? So that's going to ultimately be the back and forth, right, is how many kids do the next want to give up and how many picks. And then my guess is like you, I think it'll still ultimately be the next. And they'll budge and give in on something. But we'll see. I mean, this is going to be the way this goes back and forth. And in the meantime, yeah, maybe some surprise team does jump in there and say, hey, we'll snagged on of a Mitchell now because we still young enough to fit with a lot of teams that are kind of on the way back up. And he's obviously good enough to fit with a team. That's trying to go for it. So yeah, I mean, there should be a pretty wide market for him. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And again, I think this is part of the process, but we'll keep an eye on exactly where he winds up by still think the Knicks are in the lead. The spurs did a little bit of business, keeping kelton Johnson four years, 80 million for him. Solid player, young player two for a rebuilding team to hang on to. What do you think about them spending this money though? Is this good value? Do you think for the spurs for a team that's trying to turn things around here, potentially build for the future? 20 million average annual value for kelton Johnson is an absolute steal. All right. I think this guy is awesome. Last year, he averaged almost, it was over 17 points per game. He was at really good shooting splits. He's good with the ball on his hands. That's probably where he's come to furthest. Pretty good spot up shooter two. Defends, he can rebound his passing is coming along pretty quickly. I think this year he kind of becomes a face of that team, moving forward in all of a sudden we're looking at it as like, man, remember when the spurs got Derek white on a really good deal, then Dijon Marian a really good deal. I think a year or two from now we're like, man, they have Kelvin Johnson on a really good deal because I just think this guy is fantastic. So I think this is a huge win for San Antonio. All right, so nice move there for the spurs to be able to get him on this deal. We also saw the jazz made a move, Simone, fontecchio, winds up with the jazz. This was a guy who we were starting to get these little rumors that he was going to be coming to the NBA, but it wasn't quite clear where exactly he was going to wind up. Got some size can shoot the three a bit as the ability to attack off the bounce. Not the quickest. But I think the jazz of God something here in him that could prove to be pretty useful, particularly as they look to build into the next phase of their franchise. What are your thoughts on this move? This is Danny age repeating his Boston rebuild playbook. A little bit here. He went to after making all the trades. With the nets and then starting that whole cycle of tearing down the roster all the way and rebuilding it, one of the things he did was he went to Europe and he got guys like Brad wanamaker, Shane Larkin, fill pressy. And then Daniel tice was probably his biggest success that he got to come over. A couple of years of it. I think he's starting the process here again. And they're under the tax. This is part of the non taxpayer mid level for fund techy on a two year deal. My guess is the team's probably pretty protected on that second year. But if not, it's not going to be that much money anyway. I think it's total, it's a little over 6 million. So talking 3 million each of the each year or so. So yeah, I think this is what works. And I think he's going back to it and basically saying, all right, let's run back what I know has worked for me in the past. Let's get this guy in. Give him a look. There's probably going to be plenty of minutes available, and we'll see where it goes from there. Indeed, is the hiring platform where you can attract interview and hire all in one place. Instead of spending hours on multiple job sites, searching for candidates with the right skills, indeed it's a powerful hiring partner that can help you do it all. One of the things I love about indeed is that it makes hiring in one place so easy because of sponsoring jobs. 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