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Important things? I need to teach the future pilots of America. Wow. This is easy. Really? Actually do. Here's really deal. Pull out a necktie wrapping around their eyes and say you can land it now landed and I will the year is so and then you just walk away. Plein fault. Because here's the thing you kinda student. It does well that I would fly with student that got the proper training can land a plane. You know, what student? I would rather fly with one that landed blindfolded. I think I think the answer is ski. JJ the lives of the students for the better career by blindfolding them while landing and I'd like you said you say don't worry, I will be your is here. And then you get off the plane as fast as you can. Tear shit out because it's likely they're not gonna make your brain someone. Jesse Taylor for Dina wrote in you are from you're from Virginia. The land of lovers you clue by being a long term resident know your way around the romantic. Yeah. All right. Well, Taylor says looking for some dating advice the yes. Male or female, sorry Cameron. It's it's a great circle. Like, they haven't put a they haven't put a avatar in yet. Interesting. Gender. I can tell dating advice I mid twenties and have never been on a date. How do I how do I go about finding my lover? So. I'll get to answer. There's a great book by Joshua. People just like you guys. To talk about how is that nine? We mentioned it. I think we mentioned it last missed it. Joshua heresy author now apologized. Yeah. So your mid twenties never been on a date in need a lover. I think you know, what would attract? Again, someone of the opposite sex. I don't know. I think here's the thing. I feel like a lot of people having just into space camp. His mind is like. We also turn it into space camp. I can turn until his eyes glisten, and he has the worst. Listen having just been to space camp. I can guarantee you there are a lot of people at near exact scenario. They're adults ever been on a date lovers. So you go there. It'd be the bad. Boy. Like, I did I've already outlined earlier in this podcast because they're going to see someone like I said cutting corners not playing playing my their own roles. And they're gonna know that's a person that I will I will hopefully ask out on a date and the you will solve two problems. Here's the other person. So you're welcome. That person rail advice. Yeah. Go for it. Go for it. I want to hear I want to hear any here. Yeah. Let's see. Ask somebody out if you wanna go on a date ask somebody out go to coffee, if you're a female, you feel weird about that ask him to coffee. If you're a dude ask a girl to lunch or.

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