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And six months of service with auto pay Metro by C Mobile rule your day. Limit. One per count slash household requires fortnight. Validation not valid for numbers currently on the demon networker active on Metro in past 90 days. Restrictions apply C store for details. I. Heart radio goes one on one with Rod Stewart as he gives a bit of insight on some of the ingredients to his success. Yeah, I've been been blessed. You need toe. In any profession have a little bit of luck on your side. Then you got out of that burning ambition and commitment to especially a music, you know, and you've got to get used to used to the turned out. You know the rejections which I had in the early days. Keep Listeningto I heart radio for more Rod Stewart and all your favorite artists. KFBK has your chance to win $1000 now. Text the nationwide keyword home to 202 100 standard data and message rates apply in this nation. My contest that's home to 202 100. Good luck from news, 93.1 kfbk. And I heart radio Station News, 93.1 Kfbk. Good morning to you. It is 7 30 on this Wednesday. I'm Christina Madonna. I'm Sam Shane here. The stories that are trending at this hour. Can we trust what they're telling us new revelations That Cove in 19 test results in California may be flawed, saving $1 million the local city where they've told city employees. It's time to take furloughs. Disinfected wipes. Why they may be hard to find for months to come Those stories and more straight ahead up to the roads. We go to check with Bob Williams doesn't look, sir. I've got a couple spots to talk about Sam, this report Broncos by the California Department, Public Health, a large black bag and the number two lane navy westbound just east of Atlantic Street. In the Auburn area, tire tread in the slow lane and a fire being report in the Gulf area North found 99 to the central Gulf. All for fire in the media. It takes less than a minute to take the pre diabetes quiz prediabetes without intervention can progress to diabetes. Don't snooze on your health. No, your risk. Take the online quiz now at know knoow. Prediabetes dot organ traffic on the tens every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Bob Williams.

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