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Performance whether. What's your beef with Anthony Smith? I mean such a nice guy Wh-why. Do you have such a problem with them? Problem with them. He just he. Just like some people don't like the truth treating out. He's not that good. And I just I see people moving up and getting spots getting slots in tile. I was always trying to get a fight and came to be. But that's what it was. Do. You feel like two five is a lot more shallow than one eighty five. So you'll be able to climb the ranks a lot quicker than than you would have had you stayed at middleweight. As much in the inner way and just better here is where I'm was wearing. This is where I'm going to stay right? I like eating reminder. They hung what about. Any any new photo shoots coming up? Ralph lauren. What do you got? I'm a plus size model. Oh, you're done. I don't really care nag got a great relationship. Do them in our list. Meeting. Go. See? Got some trips and things plan the summer later on we may end up business, but it's a long long contract and things goings morally them, just all right? Well, I'm waiting to get a job. Yes. I real time to get back to work. Luke, it's been a pleasure. If you have a pool party there. I'll bring the family the kids we'll have a blast. It looks great time behind you. Very early oriented. Thanks for doing this loop. Welcome back, and I hope the knee the shin. Everything goes well. Are there is the one and only Luke rock hold. As cools can be no nonsense. Luke. Appreciate him stopping by looking forward to that fight July six in Las Vegas. All right. Big news this weekend, Showtime, Pettus, moved up from one fifty five to one.

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