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Is Matt Bigler why the Supreme Court is allowing anyone to listen in live to oral arguments this morning KCBS first for traffic in Peter Schofield's on the beat this morning in for Kim at your local Honda dealers traffic center Pittsburgh just can't seem to shake off the long string of break up brake lights that we're seeing there in Pittsburgh highway four westbound this is between railroad Avenue in port Chicago highway it started earlier this morning with a grass fire on the right shoulder of westbound four at San Marco the fire department needed the two right lanes to put it out that's been done the lanes are open but now we have a crisis just popped up at the beginning of the backup this is west bound for at railroad a solo crash blocking the left lane after hitting the center divide so the sluggish traffic remains west bound for from railroad Avenue to port Chicago highway the Altamont pass five eighty westbound going in the Livermore direction at Northland road stalled big rig is blocking the right lane overall traffic is pretty much on the lighter side with shelter in place so I can see that you're getting around it okay and traffic looks better in Vallejo highway thirty seven west found that slow traffic we were seeing on the Mare Island bridge is gone so now it's an easy drive on thirty seven both directions between Vallejo and a bottle your extravagant dated eight eighteen on the traffic leader case Ernie and warming the weather the Darius store this week we'll get a little warmer each day will be into the nineties in the inland areas by Thursday or Friday today seventy seven in San Jose seventy one for a high in Oakland eighty in Concord and San Francisco.

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