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TV looking like look man. He's been going on. TV looking like hell for attack. It looks so bad years ago they they. Oh can you imagine the Guy Ed squeegee off before each take. They've really they had somebody come on. And then they had to reapply that pancake makeup on them and then the problem is that he has very obviously black dyed hair. Yeah I I mean he's he's too old to have hair that dark and when when older man start going gray and they're who've for some reason there they think well dyeing my hair the color it was going to die of black jet an unnatural jet black. That's what he looks like. It is just like a very very black and he does not look otherwise healthy enough to maintain eighteen that thick head of black hair. Tom In October of this year Papa John on the man not the lobster donated five hundred thousand dollars to his Alma. Mater Jefferson High School Search Jeff Basketball. Probably yeah okay. Sorry there's unfortunately not a man named Jeff Basketball which is a bummer. I wish yeah you know what I can get more behind Donating de way. He donated to the Basketball Program just to the school they. They put it toward a new turf. Infield and outfield fence to the Schools Baseball Stadium and the complex will be renamed. John H Schnatter schnatter stadium which seems like a bad idea. Yeah we thought that it was a great opportunity to show that you can overcome mistakes. So we're we're glad to work with schnatter on this so much this Guy Hutchinson but he can overcome mistakes by giving money. Yeah if you you can say a racial slur on a conference call and get ousted as company's CEO. But if you give somebody five hundred thousand dollars they'll accept it and that's how you overcome adversity and he never Like overcame his mistake. No he just gave this look if if I was like a high school principal. I'd be sure Papa John I'll take your half a million dollars well and I'm sure I wouldn't put it towards the fucking baseball stadium though. Yeah A- and Indiana. I'm sure they're high schools aren't super well funded yeah I would assume to that. He sorry.

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