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Any anybody who's pushing on the work like there's people who are there's people who are exercising themselves. Who knows what they're doing. Forget whether they have the chops or not. The intention is about the me. It's it's it's it's it has something to do with assertion of if people are working hard to put pressure on the piece of coal to turn it into a diamond and that's really what it's about than people outside the trade should just f- right off because they don't understand like the whole thing is a collaborative process of collective pressure on a thing. That is not a thin it is it is a mirage. It's like a a movie and by the way a script is not a movie script is an armature that movie gets hung on. I think it depends but yes. I think there are times. Like i remember when you were going to do i. Wes anderson i remember saying to. You are at your house and you're going to be able to just go and say those words and you're like yeah. I read the script. It's what it should be. And i'm gonna go say the words. Yeah by the way but by the way in that case it was still an armature it's still west armature for what he was going to create a changing words doesn't change the fact that a script is not a film like new. There's there's music and there's the way it's photograph hunter. The presidium quality of west's films. And there's the costumes and there's also like discovery of shit that just doesn't work way And and it. It's a frame that you it's a frame that you continue to build the sculpture around. And that's just a fact it you. You can't project a fucking script onto the screen. You know what i mean. It is photography light music reading a script. Reading is quite different than mine. It ain't movie and and it's this layer cake that Meals foreman told me films are sculptures. And that's the most true thing and he told me that shooting a film is gathering clay. He was milosz was like yes. Not dismissive of scripts but milosz like was like the script is like literally a place a step one on one hundred step journey. He was like he prioritized casting and editing. He was like those are the two most important things fellows are crucial and he and he you know i'm just saying people have different views of but the bottom line is the thing that's most choose that it's a sculpture. The script is the armature the the form the frame new gathered clay. When you shoot you sculpted later you add varnish you add glazed. That's that's what it's like. You know what i mean. And but anyway when people when people work when people's focus is let's make the best thing we can make. Nobody should ascribe automatically the intention of ego to it. That's just not the case that there there are lots of people there. Lots people in our trade who work with a very passionate intensity on the thing itself. I've worked with julie. taymor. I've worked with david. Fincher of worked with like spike lee. Alejandro redo like if you think. Those people aren't ball busters lake. You know and i've worked with With writers who were who were being pushy demanding whatever he worked with actors who are being demanding like but when people are working on the thing when they're when you know what they're doing is is carrying investing and bringing to it Death of thought and care. You just have to respect that. I know there are many many many films where the process is full of of struggle of different kinds even interpersonal creative struggle. That ends up. Where and if the people are all good always they shake hands and go. That was that was greater right. That yes david i always talk about. When you've been in the wars with people by you are bonded. Yeah no matter. What as you go through that -solutely and and and when you when you when you argue even and get to the end and shake hands and go and go you know respect man. You're you take this serious in it. You take this seriously. We did it. And and Thing you know what could be better like. Honestly what could be better. You want to be in a grownup trade or you want to know. I guess it makes sense to me because david him. I have this process ourselves first because two of us. Yeah so we are again it talking about this stuff and trying to improve and really check it. I would say the only thing people who are secure yes to your point. People who who are in their own shoes on their own footing almost never resent the conversation work. I would say there are terms. I would say you can set the terms of engaging right on a certain project you hats it too so so the thing is the other the other. The big distortion the huge distortions. That comes in on on an act. Say me is. What were the terms of engaged attorney engaged when a kid beyond key because because when someone invoke when someone says i need you in on this thing you know i need you in on it and you say to them yes no yes right this name. Shame why and you say because in my opinion vs things don't work it doesn't work for me and they say we're gonna fix that together and they say i want you to be not only a part of that. In some cases they say a ask yes or yeah take a pass or whatever and that gets reduced down to. He gets in people's faces because i fully valid and i think it's more or he monkeys with scripts. It's like hey mojo monkeying with the script the studios paying me a weekly for five weeks to do a punch-up on this that ain't actually if you especially this is what i say. I think it is perfectly valid for an artist. A writer director writer producer. To say. we're gonna make this. I've thought about this for a really long time. The rhythm of these words really matter to me. I'm not very interested in changing it. You wanna come. Yeah and then if you say that is what every film done with. Wes anderson right. Yeah it's like it's like do you want to do this and then if you say yes. Those are the terms of engagements right. And i've seen i'm saying i've seen you do that and be like great. Let's go to work but also we get. You're also getting into the territory of what i would call like so the the terms of engagement are are never are never given context. You know like india pregnant. Yeah stories in these stories that come out the terms of engagement or never given context the the the truth of the truth of the fact that the good lots of the people who have real chops are never in the end a intractable or offended that that that's right only insecure people who often don't really have any chops and who are lying about what the terms of engagement were people who beef about this stuff. I know i agree with you. And and and the other thing is is that this is the other thing is like like so when americans shrieks for instance. There's all this story about lake conflict on that rate but descriptive. That movie was written by david mckenna. David mckenna It was it was edgy and it had a whole drug subplot at all this stuff. It wasn't it wasn't the full on shakespearean tragedy that we made it. And i thought it was full of potential but i thought it had a lot of lake mill. You fat on it and it had this thing that was not being realized it was it could be fellow it could be macbeth's it could be completely focused on how rage destroys a person right..

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