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Does he how much you could save basketball in general has changed dramatically? Even since Cotino Mobely ended the league, it's it's almost an entirely different sport from the one you entered into nineteen ninety eight in the NBA. I mean think about it Katina the the game you entered into in the late nineties trying to compare the game of that era, though, we near to what we see today in the NBA. And and I was I was showing you some numbers here when when David Robinson joined the San Antonio Spurs. This is long before there was any Tim Duncan. They went from twenty one wins two fifty six wins overnight. And yeah, they added a few pieces, but it also showed that a talented big man in those days. Could literally flip your team. I go back a cream and all the other great centers allies Wami. Will you go all down? It was like immediately twenty twenty-five thirty more winds from the previous year. I'm gonna tell you I go ahead. And then you have Anthony Davis and you look at his rookie year with the New Orleans pelicans coming off his complete dominance of the twenty twenty twelve season at Kentucky as a one and done, and they they basically had the same winning percentage, and you're one now they got better for a couple of years. They dropped back. I've got her for a couple of years only been in the playoffs twice. And we know Anthony Davis probably as a a better overall skill set than David Robinson ever had. So why isn't it translate into more wins? What's missing Cotino? Is. It is it is it him. Is it the nature of the game? Now where you getting. Diminishing returns on the value of a big, man. And that's exactly what it is. Right. So Joel Embiid Joel Embiid doesn't have JD Rettig. Joel Embiid doesn't have been Simmons. Joel Embiid doesn't have Jimmy Butler. Joel Embiid doesn't have Tobias Harris. Joel embiid. Yeah. You would get numbers. But you you his numbers this year, by the way, he's averaging twenty eight fourteen who's on Joel Embiid because he has guys that that takes the wind blowing away the Eastern Conference. What it got this still trying to learn how to win? And then Ben Simmons can hit a free throw or five footer. He doesn't take three point shot. No, no, a free throw. Yeah. Five-footer? Yeah. But but but but my point I'm trying to make is basketball back in ninety eight ninety nine when I came in the league was saturated with big big. You're all stars. It was eight bakes, right? Everybody was the footer. Yeah. Now, you have the Draymond green of the world in six eight guys and bringing the ball up. So. Anthony Davis is literally surrendering hisself to whatever guard brings their ball up. All right. Well, I want to get back to the Lakers said all right? I've signed Kyrie Irving has a free agent to reunite with LeBron like now you have two choices take the two of them with all the existing young talent, you have or trade all the rest of that young talent to get Anthony Davis. What is the best mood? Move will listen to probably be the worst GM ever. Because I just go on my feeling. That's all I need not do that. If I have Irving and LeBron James with a lot of those guys with the coups of the world, Lonzo ball's of the Brandon Ingram. I'm not really a fan yet of him of Brandon Ingram. I'm not a fan of him yet. And I'm not saying he's not good. But he's not good. Because the kids are good player. But I just I'm not a penny is now I will keep Lonzo I will have kyri LeBron Kuzina and then everybody else, okay? Know, but to get Anthony Davis, you're to have Ingram and Lonzo ball, you're gonna make that I have to have to make that deal. But about this Anthony Davis bring is he going to take a listen, Anthony Davis may not be the Shaquille O'Neal superstar Shaquille O'Neal. You think about the era? That's what I'm saying. Is is as an Anthony Davis. In the wrong era to know. I mean how much impact customer? He's into by zero zero impact on them. They've lost more since he's been there when the geiko studios. All right. We got do coming up today. Are they going to survive? Well, that's right tomorrow. We'll break down next. It may not be stomach issues for me. It's intense gas or pain or diarrhea sometimes on that runs over and over. I spent years with the symptoms, but could never figure it out. No matter what I did. They never went away. So I decided to break it down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms. Rediscovered that extra execution pancreatic insufficiency or API may be the reason for my stomach.

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