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Few hours ago brought to our attention. And and I have a piece of copy, I'll just take a second or so. And then we get right back to the phones. I do want to read this ten year old boy Wednesday science fair by questioning if Tom Brady is a cheater Deflategate is under investigation again by a ten year old quarterback. Let me just read a line or two here. And then again right back to I think this is great. Science fairs are a right of passage in elementary school and one clever. Ten-year-old just won his by asking the question on so many Americans minds is Tom Brady. A cheater as Davis for mill creek elementary in Lexington Kentucky. He focused is project on deflate gate telling NFL draft diamonds dot com how the Super Bowl winning quarterback inspired it. I hate Tom Brady as said he's been accused of cheating before I want him to be caught and steadier old. What is science fair by and the whole premise questioning if Tom Brady is a cheater. And of course, what the ten year old knows we all know, one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six, Donna. Pulled is calling for Milford. Connecticut. Thomas here, you're. Donald you're on the fan of New York City. Oh, thank you, Richard. I mean, wait a minute. No. No. No. No. No. No. I'm sorry. You know, I was gonna talk about Tom Brady and go Bella cheating and how yes go ahead. Take your time. No. But then I must take some umbrage while I was on hold. You unsolicited trashing of Red Auerbach? Yes. Avonex which I think by the way, he he's he was worse than Bella chat. Your comments about his cigar seem to come from a place of jealousy. Let me say. As a knick fan. You should not even be allowed to say the name Red Auerbach and first of all as disliked and hated and well before a Belva cheat. The Boston media anybody sees does anybody get along with the Boston media. Did he I'm sure he did anybody know nobody does. So let the Boston media. And I can't recall did that Boston media hate read our back. Well, you're saying that he wasn't very he wasn't like he was by the entire country. I mean outside outside of Boston. Nobody liked read our back 'cause he won a lot. He that's part of it. Also. And I was trying to say Russell when he was playing never was an order wouldn't give autographs wouldn't talk to. I know that the media did right? Russell Russell had a reason to be guarded. Russell had a was an activist number one one read was. Yeah. Go ahead ho that's his that's his player. So of course, he's gonna react in also in the protection, you know, man. Yeah. And and and be smug also. Well, a craving ruining Mohammed Ali Kareem Abdul back in the in the sixties. I mean, listen, I mean, there was an all the after put things in perspective Russell with a heart and a mind to die for and nobody has an argument. I certainly don't with him. But he was guarded. And there were media types who just didn't get it didn't understand where Russell was coming from at a time in the nineteen sixties when very few black athletes spoke out and were upset with the way things were that's for. Sure. I mean, the willing Willie Mays didn't speak out, but the Mohammed ALI'S dead. Russell was certainly an activist. But Russell again, a victim growing up and playing ball was a victim of racism on more than one occasion. So you could understand. And the garden as but as a great player certainly everybody recognize that so rooting for the patriots. You would say is like going to the casino and rooting for the blackjack dealer. You're exactly right. Yes. Right. Isn't that fun or rooting for gargle to eat the Smurfs, you know, something along that line? I want you to repeat the two words after me, can you repeat here are the two words. I want you to say are you ready? I'm ready instead assignment. Okay. Here are the two words you're all set. Go rams. That's right, go..

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