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Dot com and I know we just heard from you know your your TV host Megan Bozak talking with David Bach the ten eleven time now New York times bestselling author a well respected in the financial world you had David on your program before I guess when you think about what David and Megan were discussing obviously talking coronavirus and talking the markets in the volatility it seemed to me the number one thing David Bach was talking about Stephanie is don't panic I'm sure you're probably in that same real weight you probably think we all should panic right now for the world in no no you don't know you don't want to panic in fact I even hate say in the war because when you said you almost feel like well I should be panicking no no don't don't take a deep breath I love the fact that you know it just turn the TV off don't be driven by fear all fear is is just false evidence appearing real there's a lot that we should be don't take serious let's be cautious last week I was on a plane mark and you know I was fly in and every time that I had a chance I would wash my hands and extra little bit a little bit longer and I had a hand sanitizers and wiped out my seat but that was a private jet that's how you know how Southwest Airlines and I throw it applied for my buddies at Southwest Airlines yeah no I I I just took extra caution but mark I do that with my grand kids are sick with my grand kids are sick I take extra caution I wipe my hands and I watch them and I make the March third this is just you know I hate to say it but mark we just need to use a little bit of common sense and what's happening is fear is.

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