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Fifty five degrees. In boston. I'm Doug cope in for Jeff Brown. Top stories. Now, the White House says President Trump and first lady Melania Trump travel to Pittsburgh tomorrow. They will visit the synagogue were a shooting rampage left eleven people did the suspect made a brief court appearance. This afternoon was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair. A jury finds Brad Kessler guilty not all counts for crashing his SUV into a Newton pizzeria two years ago, killing two people his attorneys claim the crash happened after Casler suffered a medical episode caused by his multiple sclerosis and the duck sway rolling on Wednesday. That's when the city owns a big victory parade for the World Series champion, Boston Red Sox. Mayor Marty Walsh announcing today the parade begins at eleven A M Wednesday in boylston street near Fenway park. Why thing it's way to Boston common alternately continuing onto trim wrapping up at city hall plaza. By the way, our own Adam Kaufman will be on board one of those duck boats. We'll have coverage, of course, right here on WBZ news rescuers in inflatable boats. Retrieving human remains pieces of aircraft personal items from a passenger jet that crashed into the Java sea just after takeoff all one hundred eighty nine people on board were killed ABC. News senior transportation correspondent David curly. Says nothing's been ruled out when it comes to a cause because it was so sudden one can't rule out terrorism that a bomb can cause that sudden kind of failure as well. So we really don't have any idea what brought down this aircraft. All we're hearing from lion air, which was a low cost operator in Indonesia is that the aircraft had an issue on Sunday. All they would say it was it was a technical issue. And that it was repaired according to Boeing guidelines. Lines. And that it was put back into service Monday morning for this six thirty flight six twenty ish that it took off from Jakarta condolences have been pouring in from around the world, including a message from pope Francis..

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