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Butter could get an rbi just by hitting a rambaldi shored or the second as well as by hitting a fly ball with a speedy runnerup third first baseman our is the one pulled in a bid he's not all the way into the grass though even snow is backed up at third the pitch gerbaud buster popzette up foul that was not a good curveball from surely that it cannot rolled over the middle to play with to strike it's like that curb come in as if it's going to be a strike and maybe even dropped down into the dirt much less just down out of the strike zone and he threw buster a fat one there muster did not get it buster posey's hitting three forty one for the season why did nothing giants pitch on the way swinging the grab all down the first bayside diving to his left is our he's got it and you'll get the put out a i got hosie what unions crushes the play and the giants abbott to nothing lead russell mcmurry a solid fundamental atbats here and the giants at put two runs on the board at me though on was knocked in with ahead along tribal why hill getting the first run home but also setting up the second run and the buster posey's gets the rbi on that one with a ground out to nothing to die nobody on here's hundred pence and he sees a curveball drop in their first strike and pension and bruce bochy said after the game message is obvious the pensions not seeing the ball well right now is your one pitch high fastball as foul back an out of play and account his own too and that that's a turn to get used a baseball because your your first response you hear that he's not see the ball as well as does he need to have his ice jacked zinni glasses here's the o2 pitch curve ball struck him out swinging but he just really that had a good pitch recognition he's not seeing the ball out of the head of the pitcher well and hitters go through that pence is going through that right now the other thing is over the jazz get too and we had to the second jason castro the bay area native will be coming up against mad came to.

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