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To create a small fleet of bicycle medics. Firefighters say that medics on bikes can maneuver through crowds much faster than larger vehicles. They would be used during large scale events, like the California international marathon, the bicycle medics are part of the fire departments propose. I budget for the coming fiscal year spokesman says it would take about twenty thousand dollars in first year funding to get the program. Started state legislators are taking a look at what time classes start for California students. The CDC says the current average start time for middle and high school students is eight oh seven AM center. Anthony Patino says a later start time would be something that helps young people are accidents. Go down and incidences and frequency of suicidal thoughts and suicidal temps goes down all by providing teens with more morning sleep time detainee of the twenty six th twenty fifth district rather has authored a Bill that pushes back. The start time to eight thirty. At the earliest similar Bill was vetoed by former governor Jerry Brown saying the decision was better handled by the local community Machiko state men's rugby team will play for a national championship. But despite their stellar play their journey to North Carolina has not been a sure thing. See there's a California rule that says no state money can be used for travel to states that have. Discriminatory laws and one of those states North Carolina where the championship games being held KENDALL. Ross is the director of recreational sports at Chico state. She says the three day fundraising campaign has been a huge success blasted everywhere, you could possibly imagine. We've reached out to alumni we reach out to businesses. We have through our coaches and through our players connections all over the United States as well. As all over the world. The club sport has raised more than thirty four thousand dollars to pay for the trip in three days with a goal of forty thousand dollars. Ross says clubs sports have to raise roughly eighty percent of their budget to operate and it helped in this instance, to pay for what they hope is a national championship trip to North Carolina. Mike Baca news ninety three point one camp PK. All right, five oh five. Let's get that traffic. Trouble spot. Now from Dana has and right now westbound down fifty just east of one evident. We have a nine injury collision reported there. And not many details. Go along with it. So if you haven't been in the areas, see some give us call five zero five if your allergy seemed to be flaring up more than usual this spring. You are not alone. KFI Joe Michaels live in studio with more on this year's pollen season. Joe sniffling sneezing and in my case, interrupting a co workers newscast several cars were involved in the crash near Francis. Kito avenue. Here we go again, and we'll KF because John Burnett Z may have been a good sport. Today. I'm growing weary of the stuffy nose headache and sneezing routine after talking with UC Davis allergist, Dr Rosemary Hallett, maybe you are too this year, maybe a more severe year, we had lots of rain, and that can let the grasses and trees go a little bit earlier, and I have had a lot of patients having lots of symptoms. This time of year. Dr Hallier recommends allergy sufferers shower and change clothes after being outside noting. There are also a lot of good over the counter medicines that can help. The nasal steroids tend to work the best, and there's some good eyedrops that are available as well. With these only treat the symptoms treating the allergy itself involves a three to five year process. Requires a lot of time in the allergist office. You come in for a shot of what you're learning to once or twice a week that gets built up over about four to six months, and then it continues monthly for longtime. Allergy sufferers like former KF became news editor Judy Farah. The time and effort have been worth it. I was reluctant at first it seemed like a big drastic step to take. But I was suffering so badly I live above the bluffs of lake NATO among so it's all grasses and trees and everything else that I got hit hard every year every spring is which is cure all day long and sneeze after more than three years of treatment. Pharisaic? She's now allergy free. I got used to it wasn't bad. You could barely feel it. He did have to sit in the office for twenty minutes to make sure you didn't have any kind of reaction. So it is a time commitment, but once a month going into a doctor's office for half hour you walk right back to the allergist to give you the shot. It's really not much of an ordeal in well, she's still takes over the counter medicines as a precaution on windy days. Faira highly recommends the long term treatments for severe allergy sufferers. Keep on something like this year after year and Kinney with the way, my allergies have been kicking up the last month and a half. I'm starting to think that process might not be all bad doctors determine what you're allergic to do these blood tests. We'll get it. I've had an allergy blood panel. But Judy says her process was much more detailed nurse tiny pinpricks in your back. Each one of those contains a different allergenic could be anything from a flower to dog hair to something you eat. And if you get the bump, and it raises and becomes itchy that shows that you're allergic to that. So it's really quite fascinating that they could point down to the very thing. Exactly what you allergic to is the first of many steps that if you're tired of dealing with serious allergy issues year after year, it might be worth talking to your doctor. Joe michaels. Thank you very much five eight coming up at five eleven and they're building bigger fundraising base at the woodland opera house tomorrow. We'll tell you how we'll we'll get you all caught up on this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one K F.

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