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It's beginning to deploy its national guard as it promised the US, it would it says it's not trying to stop immigrants as they move toward the US, but register them and offer them options. It says it will make those who don't want to register return to their home countries. Comedian Jon Stewart angrily addressed congress yesterday, saying it had failed nine eleven first responders or wants to see money never run out for a victim's compensation fund set up after the nine eleven attacks first responders in their families were there in front of me. A nearly empty congress. Stuart says it's shameful embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on this institution. Louisiana, Republican, Mike Johnson told Stewart not to worry. No, this bill's going to pass the overwhelming landslide majority of the house. John Stewart was unconvinced asking why this process is hard and take so long Ed Donahue Washington. You won't get to see it, but the president's son, Donald Trump junior testifies before the Senate intelligence committee today, privately. This is part of lawmakers Russia investigation senators wanted to discuss answers. Donald Trump junior gave intelligence committee staff in a two thousand seventeen interview as well as answers. He gave to the Senate Judiciary committee in a separate interview, President Trump's personal lawyer. Michael Cohen told a house committee earlier this year, that hit briefed Trump junior approximately ten times about a plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, but Trump junior had told the Senate Judiciary committee. He was only Peru. Reference aware of the proposal, Ben Thomas Washington. The second person is under arrest in the Dominican Republic after former Red Sox star David Ortiz, which shot and wounded there on Sunday night, Ortiz, his wife Tiffany says he is stable now and resting comfortably in a hospital in Boston. This is a radio news. A call to police from a concern father led to an arrest in the shooting of a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy a thirty year old Utah man is in custody in the shooting of off-duty Los Angeles County, sheriff's deputy Joseph Solano, who was in line at fast food restaurant Monday evening. Nelson was arrested Tuesday morning after calling his father telling him, he killed someone in Los Angeles in this from KABC LA county sheriff's homicide, captain kit, Wagner, says homicide detectives are looking into reports that the suspect may have been involved in other crimes since arriving in the Southland sometime around the first week of June. Another. Investigators say Solano shooting and the killing of a man in Los Angeles appeared to have been random. I'm Tim Maguire new gravely wounded officer has been on life support. Good Samaritans rescued a newborn from dumpster in northern California. The baby was found wrapped in plastic bag and fierce heat. He's okay. Rita foley. AP radio news. More news right after this. That farmers insurance. We know the sound of a perfect hot air balloon landing and a less.

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