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The first raises you didn't decrease your chance but you didn't increase because ranking number one knows or ridden even raises he knows that there is any kind of quirk with that ores because he's been on in racing also he's been on a zillion times in the morning he knows that or in and out and i was a little bit vardon when i saw they talking off the worst you know trainers and owners get together and they decide what they want to do it to me you know i look back at other situations occurred and maybe with me but i look at one situation that occurred at parks with a regional rider the studio elliott situation john service that you wish in of when when they were with the name that was he who maximus now maximus when john service had a contender in the derby you think you mean you don't mean back when we not much on service you mean alex we elliott it was a funny alex though that it was a fleet alex that had the incident that was fleet alex is another example with jeremy rose yeah i ten ricky i have a i can't figure the name of the you know the lord i even got my as a america any branch of the heart we mean smarty mighty house yeah he you know what i am bring that i fro example ninety kashin smarty jones and john service and stuey elliott i mean john stuff which do you know you gotta give him credit john is always for john you know gordon business is business john he stuck with dewey and there were a high profile riders business where the mount on that when the show that even going to be a contender you know there be bringing belmont but john stuck with and i was a little designed this point when i didn't see each owners who had experience with the fleet alex right that the he had experienced with me dollars and stuck with jeremy rose five why didn't they stick with a rider like he still didn't they didn't entirely and that's the point with when it comes to jeremy rose because your member they had the race that they gave johnny john velazquez got a call and and went disaster her asleep member and also it also just so happened that you know that he that he had the respiratory issue that that contributed clearly to you know to the performance but that then they went back to jeremy because the assumption was oh a fleet alex isn't all that special and then he meal then he went on the run yeah i don't know if they lead alec wasn't all that special and yet and they went back to jeremy would you know maybe entered into it lightly entered into it jeremy got experience with jin richie window would go back to it you know whatever the whatever their division win -fluenced our decisions they did go back but you gotta give john service read it when it.

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