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Food for the future we need to talk about the NFL draft is underway from living rooms and basements across the country and Kevin the route among those watching Kevin I turned it on in the studio to yeah I know everybody's watching this at LSU quarterback Joe burrow as expected goes number one overall in the draft to the bangles the young man starred at Ehlers she was senior year threw for over fifty six hundred yards and sixty TV's led the Tigers to the national championship but he had to come a long way to get to this night says he didn't play well the year before bush joined after the pick by ESPN's Suzy Kolber Joe you're in Nashville last year for the draft if I'd said to you then you're gonna be number one overall in twenty twenty what would you have sent out a told you you're crazy you know I knew I was going to have a really good season so I knew you know we had really good players come back I great coaches and we were gonna rip work really really hard to do it but to jump up to number one overall is is crazy to me but it's a good it's a dream come true yeah the defensive end chase young goes number two to the Washington Redskins he led the nation with sixteen and a half sack said forty six tackles last season his teammate fellow Ohio state Buckeye Jeff accrued other cornerback goes third overall to the lions in the giants pick for if they are on the clock about to make that selection the dolphins have the fifth choice the forty Niners have the thirteenth and thirty first picks overall wordy Izzy I've received multiple offers to trade down remember they are without picks in the second third and fourth rounds will keep you posted at the sports desk Kevin Raddatz KCBS let's say you just bought a house bad.

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