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So we don't want that to happen. So at this point in time, it's best that we just let this product burn. Now, people within three miles of the fire have reportedly been directed to wear face masks to protect themselves from dangerous chemicals that may be in the air. Dana Robotic, spoke with Steve Bertrand today and Chicago's afternoon news, she says the fire will have a big economic impact on the area plant is a big employer in this area, and now it's obviously, um, destroyed and devastated this business, so as far as you know, employees and how that's going to impact them financially, um You know that's what to be seen. Governor Prince Stare has ordered in the National Guard to assist local firefighters and interim CEO named today to head up Chicago Public schools Janice Jackson will be stepping down as CPS CEO at the end of the month. Speaking at a press conference, Jackson said that Dr Jose Torres was high on our list of candidates to take the job. Dr. Torres was the first person that I reached out to when we were trying to figure out who would be the right person to leave. During this interim time, Dr. Torres just retired after serving as president of the Illinois Math and Science Academy, You'll start that new job on July 1st. Chicago, declaring Juneteenth the city holiday. Mayor Lightfoot announcing the change today during event at Daley Plaza that kicked off a week long celebration observing June 19th as it is, slavery officially ended in the United States. Seifert says Pending City Council Prove old Juneteenth should be an official holiday next year, The state by positivity rate for Covid 19 continues to hit record lows. Earlier today, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported that positivity rate of 190.8% that's down from 0.9% Yesterday I d Ph, also announcing 165 new cases of Covid 19 with nine that there should not guess President Biden has paid tribute to NATO's 99 11 memorial as he wraps up his meeting with members of the military alliance. I hadn't said earlier today that the U. S. Has own commitment to NATO's mutual defense pact for member countries is quote sacred. At a news conference, the president said he won't offer specifics in advance of what he's hoping to gain from his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin are areas where we can cooperate. If he chooses. And if he chooses not to cooperate. And acts. In a way that he has in the past relative to cybersecurity and some other activities. Then we will respond. We responding kind. He called America decent and honorable nation Despite some rude surprises, like the January 6th attack on the U. S Capitol. Look at WGN Sports cubs at the New York Madison. Let's take a look and get an updated score on this one. Dad been scoreless, still scoreless at the end of three again, the Cubs and the meds. The Sox hosting Tampa Bay that game getting underway in.

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