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What I was if you ever get a chance to be six foot seven three hundred pounds trying to squeeze in there. It is you gotta sit to pay. That's all I'm gonna say. So you got to say the man was two hundred kilograms, which is two. And if you do the math he was four hundred forty. Up Italy using the extended seatbelt, I think that they needed to extend deceit. He was a very big, man. And it's a Chinese flight the crew accommodated him and three flight attendants as well as the purse instant him to the bathroom a minute after entering the lavatory, the passenger push the call button when the flight attendant opened the door his generals were exposed. But it's underwear was still on them on the bat. He told them he needed to help take off his underwear or he would just go in down any spread his legs, exposing they try to close the door. But he objected claiming he was having shortness of breath from claustrophobia only needed to keep an open the crew fused, but he kept the door unlocked fifty minutes later, he said he was done. They opened the door to find him still sitting there with his pants at his ankles saying the sentence, I'm done you can white my button the flight attendant objective. Fifteen minutes by air bathroom, daddy, like an hour and a half in the bathroom. It's gonna get into you know, the lines built. Oh, yeah. The flight attendant object it right? Then he berated her saying. She promised to do it. And since she promised she needed to do it or you would just sit on the toilet. No. I don't think pinky swears. Nets. And I feel like you have to do that. But you have to do the pig. The cruel Blige realized they couldn't just leave them there. The whole flight. So they threw a blanket in front of him, which he refused the purser wiped while the other flight attendants held his front while the purser wiped he allegedly says. This man, I don't know if he is some kind of like airplane royalty. But he is acting a lot like he's like Queen car Lada for Morville going back to John waters reference. He is like really acting like the king here. What's his name DJ Colette? Yeah. Seems like it seems like. Deeper. You know, it's not a good day when you're on a when you're on a flight, and you're having this, man. And then you hear the words deeper deamer, I. The. Eventually ended up having to wipe on three separate occasions guy claimed she didn't do it correctly. He said, you better of white me clean more. You. Why am I doing this for you? I know because I would just I would have drowned him at this. I don't know what happened to drown in they're out of order bathroom shut the door. And let's see if he can get out eventually the flight attendants pull his pants up. And even though he assisted they do again he threatened to faint. If she didn't the passenger was brought back to a seat believe it or the flight he had to go again. No group of flight attendants did the same exact thing. So this is some guy's history. I guess with this EV a air flight. He also flew from LA Bangkok via Taipei and may twenty eighteen we're we made a similar request but flight attendants refuse. So we went number two in his seat. And apparently the whole cabin smell terrible for the rest of the flight which understand. All right. So this dude, this is not the first nor does sound like the last time. He's going to pull off this stunt. At some point. You just got to say no more flight. Right. I don't know because he also pissed his pants on another flight and another he has to remember to clean and change his diaper. And so he refused. So he shat in pistons his diaper until it overflowed into his visit fucking terrorist. He sounds like nothing. But trouble sounds like Bobo..

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