How to Leverage Unfair Advantages in Your Marketing

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Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about how to leverage wjr unfair advantages in your marketing. So Neil what are some examples of unfair advantages. Sure unfair advantages is like Kylie Jenner really releasing Kylie caused medics when she already has a huge following and allows her to instantly become a billionaire but close enough in which I know. That's not Overnight success that's a overnight success ten years in the making it's more so she's able to leverage her brand and grow superfast or beats by dre leveraging aging all their celebrity connections to having them where their product and then apple ends up buying him out. But the list goes on and on. And you're seeing this kind of stuff in Seo Seo email marketing you know like people getting influencers in having him on their landing page giving testimonials which helps improve conversions. But there's a lot of ways that you can have have a unfair advantage over your competition. Yeah my opinion is if artists start all over today doing a business. I think it's most important to build an audience. I you know if I were starting. I'll all say look I gotTa Take Care of survival so maybe I might be working fulltime for a while so I gotTa Take Care of you know my my bill's GonNa take care of my food and everything like food and drink but once I got to think about okay how can I start building. My brand and example of this would be when I think about Jake and Logan Paul. They built their brand off off of vine. Initially and now they're superstars not only on they. They have like a huge volume. They have a huge instagram volunteers. All over the place so I think fundamentally you build the audience. I and that's how you build your unfair advantage and to Neil's point once you get your unfair advantage going. You're going to have a group of people that you can serve your audience and you figure out what they need and you can build around that where we can buy around that. But the unfair advantage is Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger always talk about the moat. I think when you look at Coca Cola is an example. Their brand is there moat right. That's what makes him such a good company yet and Eric's really spot on like a prime example of this is what with Uber suggests now Has Grown. I'm not saying it's the best APP or anything out there but the reason is also grown so fast because I had a huge brandon had such a large traffic traffic in the marketing SEO space. I probably in the digital marketing specifically space performance marketing. I probably have more traffic fake than anyone else. When you combine social and web like blogs podcasts all that kind of stuff yes there are Gary v's who have a huge audience but He's not necessarily in the performance marketing space. But when I did that and I ended up. Releasing Uber suggests I'm getting more monthly sign ups shorts free but but I'm still getting more monthly free sign ups than any of my competitors are even if they have a free version like sem rush. I'm still being an. I'm doing that without paying for ads. But it's because I built up millions and millions of visitors and followers over the years. The question than Neil is people are thinking okay. Look we're starting out right now. How do we build an unfair advantage? In how long did it take you to build your unfair advantage. You think like to get it to start to take off. It takes three plus years ears. You know I said it takes three years to do anything decency traction. You should see results within the first six months but really three years for anything to truly start taking off. It doesn't mean you'll get to where you want in three years. It just means us when it really starts taking off and what you'll find is the web already saturated. Yeah you already know yet to go Omni Channel. We've talked talked about this. But if I were you and your unfair advantage start off with the channels at your competitors. Aren't leveraging you know a lot of them aren't leveraging social platforms like tick tock yet and you you may say it's not a right fit for my audience that's fine. You'll also find that Lincoln's been around for a long time but very few. Your competitors are posting on there on a daily basis this or going live on Lincoln even though they have that feature and gets tons and tons of reach yet very little to no people are using that feature online. Did Yeah Awesome but also from my side is as I see that things are things from personal side. When I look at the twitter that I had in the past and my other channels I really wasn't touching it that much and I was kind of leading people? My team manage it but once I started to manage it. The engagement rates shot up. Because it's actually me talking and it's stuff stuff that I mean I post stuff that makes my blood boil right and I test different things. So keeping here is if you're building as your unfair advantage is starting to build. It's starting to snowball all you have to think about how you can also try to deals point earlier go a little Omni. Chen diversify a little bit and let the snowball continued to build. It seems like you might be losing focus there. But which if you had the same focus message across. Those shouldn't take you that long to repurpose it. And you see everyone starting to repurpose now. So everyone's doing it. Then you are not going to have advantage if you don't do it right so think about that as well

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