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Good morning walk into marketing over coffee on John Wall. I'm Christopher Ben and we are back. It's been a while. We had both David Merman Scott and Mike for many chats so we've had a bunch of stuff going on over the past couple wasted finally January in full swing getting back in action here. How did the rest of the holiday wrap up for for you sir as funny it's like it's now you know as a record us twenty second of January because the holidays literally were ages ago so a strong and a lot going on? Yeah does is crazy. I think the one big holiday takeaway was I grabbed the oculus quest to the the wire free headset. It's a fascinating experience the ability to work walk around three six degrees of freedom running into obstacles in your home by really fantastic. It's I would say it's the first viable really viable true. VR solution because you're not tied to a computer. You're not GonNa you know Yankee computer off the desk with the wires wires and stuff like that but the quality is better than the smartphone in a weird little holder on your head and The entertainment and the what you can do in it is pretty amazing with controllers. Controller's stuff a favourite. So far is a poem called tilt brush by Google which allows you to draw and paint in three dimensions so you are innocent environment and you can literally really create sculptures and light and fire and all sorts of really cool stuff. So that's been a very interesting change. How you think about creating media when me he is in three dimensions and you can move around it one of the first questions though so you touched upon. It is all the stuff that I've used today. Is You know slapping a smartphone into do you know at least better than cardboard I have a rigged that I can adjust all the focus point so I can actually see it which is kind of critical but is the video way better than that phone solution. it's definitely better One of the things that this comes with is Three short stories in the Star Wars universe APP called vader immortal. You know there's a lightsaber dough Jordan. Wouldn't and the opening sequence. Has You flying over the planet most Afar and you it literally feels like you are inside of a star wars movie. It's got all the you know the sets and the decor and the effects that you used to end it's it's really good example of totally immersive storytelling. It will be interesting to see how the technology develops over the next ten years. I was Doing a spot on the immediate release. podcast they're asking what technologies are keeping an eye out for the next decade and VR's one of them because as the real world becomes is less and less appealing with climate change and natural disasters and food shortages and things over the next decade having virtual worlds where there's no penalty for the building a hundred stories skyscraper just easiest building a Hut L. Microsoft style world. So the idea that you'll spend more and more time in places this including places you can't even go. There's one happen here which is essentially uses Google Street view. And you can just kind of walk around any place on the planet for some places as you know like Venice Nielsen. Coastal cities for future. Generations this may be the only way they ever get to see those things because they'll be underwater. Yes thanks now. How about for the audio for it to does it have ear buds? That go with it. Or how does that a war. It has a a our style speakers like you try. Those bows sunglasses awhile back and it's the same style style speaker but there is a three point five Jack if you want to Jack in wired headphones but and so it stereo though. It's not any kind of surround audio or anything like that. Standard a standard stereo. But like I said it's been a pretty expensive. The apathy spend the most time in his beat sabre. Just because it's like you know it's it's like Atar hero but with light sabers. You really can't be that. Yeah that one seems to be kind of the first game that's getting some real. Traction and people are jumping on board with. It's time for a refresh on that too. Because the last time I checked out there was a a Three Sixty camera that was in the four hundred dollar range that was kind of people. Were expecting to be the cutting edge but it was still doing going through some hardware upgrades. The software fort was still being tweet. It does it goes so we should look back on that and kind of talk about where to go next with that and if you should start shooting stuff yeah pretty much anybody. That's doing anything outdoors or with any kind of real world. Experience should be doing some testing of that video to get a feel for how that works into start putting some test content together because yet so much more engaging than just straight video. There's no doubt about that. Yeah Certainly if you're a public speaker you should be shooting in. Three sixty should have three sixty camera because what it allows you to do is replay your talk and then watched watch the audience as you're talking you can see like what points in your talk hit. What did you know The slides that people are paying attention to sovereigns on their phone like you. You'll be able able to see the audience in real time as your speaking on stages right now you have to do is to camera rig to do that but this this lets you. Don't really check the whole room and see what's going on. Yeah that's an interesting point to end thoughts about that. You can't get the real time feedback like to camera. Shoot all the time and not with one box you gotTa love that so God we had an interesting piece. You're actually talking about death of the data scientist and while citizen data scientists which was a term that we have heard a lot and we don't hear as much which I'd be. Some people are still running with it. But it's I think it's perhaps left the buzz face and then I have a link to an article talking about eighty percent of marketers giving up on personalization because the tools they it don't work and are moving on so kind of. Where is this going? And what are you thinking about this. So thinking about personalization. personalization is important one. I wish attack attack about one first. personalization requires a really good clean data and a lot of it to do other than like Hello F name right and most marketers. Don't have that data. I mean in our day to day work when working with customers like you look and they're like well. This is not going so well. It's a whole bunch of stuff that's missing it's contaminated and so it's not a surprise to me that personalization really has not gone very well for for anybody and that speaks to you. Know this big issue of you know the citizen. Data scientists and fundamentally data. Science is for jobs in one right. It's so you have to have domain expertise. You have to have business savvy you have to have technical capabilities. Coding a primarily after have mathematical statistical capabilities Linear Algebra Algebra. Now four jobs for the price of one. No wonder that there are so few of these folks in existence. And the idea that you know. There's this army of of people out there. Who if they just had the right software could do this on their own is kinda silly? It's like expecting. There's an army of gourmet chefs out there who are just waiting for their protest. Excellent tapped as long as you. Just give him a frying Pan Right. it's not really how that works as the you can give someone the best kitchen. You all the stainless steel appliances and everything and they'll still gonNA find a way to burn water so I think a lot of what marketers and business people are realizing housing is that it turns out using data wells really really hard. And there's a reason why you're paying premium for the people to do these things. Now what's likely to happen in the next few years of course is machines taking on more of at least the grunt work and these things to get to your answers faster but at the end of the day it's still is going to require a human behind the wheel as it were to understand what to do self driving cars really good example. The car can't drive itself self even today. You know a a tesla can't drive itself but it's still need you to tell you where we're at ten is supposed to go but it's not going to say. Hey why don't I just drive and take your wherever averaging now you still have to put in destinations in order for it to do the driving. The same thing is true with data science. You still need to know where you're going no matter how good the tools are.

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