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And of course, things kind of blew up came back. And first big newspaper recession had hit Uh And so, so so there goes, there goes the dream of a a career in the in in journalism, Foreign service. And ultimately, that's put me back in Georgia politics. If I had to pick another moment, I guess it would be covering Andy Young when he was mayor. That was That was one of my more interesting assignments and we still talking is still quite active and still carries weight in the city. What will you miss? I will miss. Picking up the phone and being able to talk to some very special, very smart people. I will miss the Johnny Isakson's The Max Cleland's I will miss the Andy Young's And you know, I will be bowing up before we get it chance to really see what will happen. Stacey Abrams. The 2022 race for governor. You know, the story is never finished. This is the problem. There's always more news and people like us never want to miss it And let me say I am not dying helps. I will still be around. But I've had 20 years of deadlines hanging over my head and I would like to get through a day where I could have maybe three or four hours to think on that particular topic before I sit down and write. Yeah, That sounds awfully good. Jim Galloway. Thank you. And I wish you all the best luck in the next chapter. Well, thank you very much. And Mary Louise, let me let me just say it's been a joy to watch What's become of you Look at where you were in the nineties. And look where you are. Now. Look where.

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