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New balance? I'm not saying he doesn't know how to market, you know, my point. I like Kobe. I'm a big fan. I just think he's overrated in a lot of ways. Wasn't gonna say I honestly to recently curry was probably on that trajectory as well courteous. Bog me a better player than than do? You know that you're saying here's the difference. Kobe was talking about all that stuff. And he profited big time off of it. Hey, who do you? But is. Tim duncan. Better. Let me think who do you think quiet trains with offseason? Chris Johnson Koby. Random. Tennis. You know, the trains with Kobe by some recent vice Kobe's last few years too. I watch a lot of Kobe. Exactly. Toseh- is very noble. Messing, quiet. Quiet, quiet. Very well. Being as good. I just think that argument max carbon was ticket got hurt. He'll be okay. He will. All right. Well, we got any other bullets out there. I think we've talked everything you talk about the NBA that doesn't look good. I haven't talked about the fact that Iman Shumpert still playing. All right, by the way. If that doesn't look good ways it is. I think this is a Killys. Oh, you wouldn't be walking? If it was his cage. He'd be Coby. Coby Chaozhou free throws. If it was. That looks like his achilles. Hold on a second. That's not good. Do that word. Okay. So the nuggets. Oh, wow. I literally just said his that said his leg could fall in that has oh shit. Now. I feel bad. I hope it's not because I don't wanna see them. I don't know at the end. Killys isn't that hurt? He's walking. He's walking. I mean, he this is like you can walk on torn achilles. That's that's a weird injury. He looks like somebody K her too. Yeah. You did. Oh shit. Oh, man. And as Chris Blaney who tore his achilles that he said he turned around and it felt like somebody kicked him. That's not. Maybe not full tear. It's just hot. That makes me very upset. It's not a real championship if he's not competing. Hey, the word the words, not good. That's not good. Holy like that. Just happened. Live action guy said wow. Yeah. Lilies. I literally just said his leg that out. No. I mean, it could still be nothing. Kevin Durant is allegedly. According to Twitter, fine. Very tried to curse him try to curse him that wasn't me almost succeeded. You know, what I think we all learned from this is that I think having Durant really matters learned that life is fragile actually microcosm of life as a whole. I add a little sad. Yeah. Because we all wanna see like the warriors potentially get beaten at their best. Right. Like, you don't want..

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