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Hello and welcome to another episode of the on one podcast. I'm your host one man on this episode. What happened on this episode? All started so good and it just went downhill real quick so full disclosure full disclaimer. I got some trigger warnings in this episode. Talked about some stuff that I didn't really want to get into but it is what it is. We're here or ready to make it happen. So there's that on this episode. We took a dive into the technological singularity. Ai Trans Humanism. Jeffrey Epstein a little bit of everything even talked about theology and a dove into that we. We touched a few subjects. We try to stay on topic. But it's just so hard with the stop stuff. Because at the end of the day all Inter connects and today we were joined by. Meta world thief. A fellow podcast. Her fellow friend my Puerto Rican brother from another mother and we dove into. We went in had I. He has his own podcast as well. More of a free format conversation type thing. My thing is more structured. This podcast was a little bit different despite gas. I had somebody with me but I did all the research myself. I did the research on the Trans Humanism side and singularity and all those interconnections there and met a did his research where he already knew about Jeffrey Epstein. I'm not too too deep into Jeffrey Obscene. I I know the basics of that. But that's a warm on itself but yeah we got into it and again a little bit crazy so just bear with me. And I hope you enjoy this is technological singularity demonic. Ai and Jeffrey Epstein with meadow world thief before the episode begins. I'm GONNA play a segment of a lecture. Geordie rose gave. This is GonNa tie into what we talk about on the podcast just as some context on what the subject at hand is. I don't know if any of you are Turn of the century weird fiction fans. But there's this guy named HP lovecraft who's a very famous American weird fiction author and he exposed a view which is called cosmic system and the essence of cozma schism is cosmic indifference. So what he was saying is basically yes there. Are these massively intelligent entities out there. But they're not good. They're not evil they just don't give a shit about you even the slightest the same way you don't care about an aunt is the same way they're not gonNA care about you. And these things were summoning into the world now and these things that were summoning and these things that were things that were summoning are not demons. They're not evil but they're more like the love. Crafty and great old ones. There are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned. Was while we want. Listen I don't know about you guys but that scares the hell out of me so without further ado. Here's the episode. Today we have a special special guest in somebody who I consider a friend by now A fellow podcasters We are joined today by Meta world. Def- welcome to the show. Hi I'm a metal world thief. And this is the Joe Rogan expert. I'm sorry sorry long day Bro. How you doing friend? I consider you a friend as well by now. Yeah Bro you know We support each other. I WanNa talk a little bit before we get into things today. We're GONNA BE TALKING ABOUT SINGULARITY A and Jeffrey Epstein. We're going to go deep. We're GONNA find all the correlations and I know it's going to be a good episode. We're going to try and stay on topic but it's GonNa get crazy. It's GONNA get crazy. And we're going to be spitting out a lot of information. You can take it for what you want if you WANNA believe it all if you don't WanNa believe it it's up to you but the information is there and this is how we interpret it so before we get into it. Can you talk to the people a little bit about your podcast? Because I know you have a couple of podcast is one. I've been on that show. So you can let the people know where they can find your own stuff woah. I have a fledgling podcast empire I basically have been talking. Shit my whole life and I decided to actually put it out there for the people not because I want to. But because you need me to I am the PODCAST. Jesus Christ and I go out of my way. Say the things that needs to be said about the things that no one wants to speak about. And that's why we're here talking about this Jeffrey Epstein Situation. First podcast is flapping gums of which are boy. One was a guest great episode other podcasts Rec League. Heroes where we talk basketball and other other. Podcasts IS ISH. I don't like it's a solo podcast. Not a live streamed on off air. And it's basically me railing against the men and such I'm really excited for this. Like want. Said this is a It's it can easily be veered off track. But we're going to do. Our best is just. It's such a complex web of nefarious behavior. All around and it's definitely a deep dive and I can't wait to get into it. Do it. Rose speaking of being. Jesus Christ I don't know if you know I learned some information today. In regards to the corona virus. There is a there is a cult brow in North Korea. I believe that is spreading corona virus. And the reason I say this is because there. There's this Guy Bro. Who says he's the second coming of Jesus? He's Jesus Christ and he's only taken one hundred and forty four thousand people with him to heaven and these people so they get saved. They're going to church so they're all getting until they're sick. So it's a one hundred and fifty thousand followers and they're all still congregating and getting everybody sick and the government in North Korea. Ain't doing shit to stop people from traveling. I saw that I thought they quarantine them. No Dog Bro. I have bro. I have connect who lives overseas. I can't say where and he's been talking to some people higher ups and some Shit's bought the pop up. That's all I can say right now brought. That's all I can say but just know it's about the popoff that's I was told not to say anymore but a it is what it is. I just thought it was funny and other. Jesus Christ the other world land it. You know the good news. Is You know right now? It's not spreading fast as it should be for two. We don't know that row us. That's the problem that's a problem. That's best case scenario. Worst-case scenario is I mean. Look no one's talking about Hong Kong anymore right seems convenient ended when everyone got fucking quarantine in God row. We're going to get into that we're GONNA get into so today. We're going to talk about singularity. Ai We're going to touch on a little bit of Trans Humanism and You know what I like to call demonic. Ai Correlation between the occult satanism computers and then that works its way into Jeffrey Epstein. Because he's all interconnected auto people don't know how much money this man has given to artificial intelligence to the research of artificial intelligence and I'm talking about two hundred million dollars a year right so without further ado the first thing on the list is why real quick can I give a disclaimer on my W. Two I'm listed as an Internet comedian folks. I will make jokes. I'll keep it to a minimum. Because I'm a big fan of the show and I understand this is in informational podcast but I might get silly once or twice. Bros Gutman. You know. We're here to gut them. Joe Rogan buys. You know I mean you know. Your show is very a free form you know I have. I have a goal here. I title my show so there one thing you know. Well Yeah for sure. I don't have any sound effects. I'm sorry for that. But so bring my bag next sign technological singularity so this is the definition of singularity and this is something that worries me as well as other people. It's a hypothetical future point in time at which technology technological growth becomes uncontrollable and reversible resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. So I you know right now in and I've talked to you about this. Were cyborgs right now. You know what I mean. We have our phones on us at all times. It's something you don't you have. Somebody doesn't pick up the phone dog. They're ignoring you. Like I do a good point. No that's a great point because we're we're cyborgs right when we talk about singularity in Ai and all this stuff that that that's what we're headed towards we think about the Matrix. We think about Terminator we think about all these different movies were the machines go haywire and the Matrix especially one of my favorite Trilogies row warrant a simulation. Who knows if we've already gotten there if I'm going to have You know agent Smith knocking on my door right now. We'll talk about that. I can't talk about this stuff. You know what I mean so eventually I feel this is this is my thing. I feel that eventually. We're going to get to that point to where we're not even. GonNa be able to control it because bro you can hack computers. You know what I mean like you can hack computers and no computers one hundred percent like hack proof even bitcoin and Bitcoin. They can still trace you bro. And that's the whole point of Bitcoin. They could still trace you. Have you heard about the people hacking into the The Ring Doorbell Cameras Yeah. That's that's scary bro. You know what I mean. It's not ideal. What do you mean? It's not an ideal situation like definitely for sure? Yeah no for sure for sure. It's not but I mean it's happening. Because he always got that one guy was going to figure it out. You know what I mean but you know the singularity i. It's something that big names. Bro. It's not just me. I'm not just a what you said what you said before. I'm the only thing I'm sure of is that I don't know Shit but then you got big names warning us against this stuff. You Got Bill Gates Elon. Musk Gary Marcus well. Here's the thing no hold on Eli. Musk is not warning against. Just not no no no no. Here's what he's warning against what he's warning against unstoppable. Ai Regarding singularity to be fair Elon. Musk is the number one dude helping promote it right now with his work on link. So Nora Link. We're going to show you their head. I we'RE GONNA get there my beautiful beautiful friend. We're going to get there. We got people who are Pro Trans Humanism and the people who are against it. You know what I mean or do I stand dude I you know I am pro human because again and you have people. Like Stephen Hawking's Bro. Sam Harris people who talk about this stuff smart people kind of paranoid about all that shit though. Yeah a little bit just a little bit. He's terminator mode which I agree. And I think it's important to have people like him so we put the The appropriate measures in place to prevent what he's talking about so at least we have some foresight and think about what he's talking about to make sure it doesn't come wishing yeah so again. I I. The reason I'm against is because let's say our most used to but he's pro for you know he's like hey listen we're not we can't fight this thing. This thing is going to be inevitable. Let's just join it. Let's Hook our our brains of took computers become one with it right. What happens then when the government or the elites the fucking Reptilians grow quick. I'm not defending his position. I'm just explaining it. No no no but but that's fine because it's true but the way he sees it he's Honestly I don't know if Eli and I look up to Yang Yang as one of my one of my heroes but salute the more. I look at him in the learn about him and see these things. I don't know if he's the opposition. If he's the you know the what's his agenda is alien that wants to go back to because we have so many issues.

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