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More calls to resign even as she keeps trying to build support for her deal to leave the European Union. We have a deal which council's membership fee. We stop you making our laws, which gives us our own integration policy ends the common agricultural policy. Fisheries policy makers vote on alternatives to May's Brexit deal today, and she's actually getting more support from conservative hardliners, but you have to promise to resign to get her deal over the line looking to get past the Muller investigation. President Trump has reelection on his mind and says he wants to make the GOP the party of healthcare. What's unclear though is his plan from a political standpoint? I would imagine that Democrats are, you know, happy to campaign on this issue because there are aspects of ObamaCare that are very popular acquaintance. Bloomberg's Kathleen hunter the Trump administration's arguing in court that ObamaCare is unconstitutional and should be thrown out this afternoon. The president awards the medal of honor to a soldier who died in a suicide bombing in Iraq more than a decade ago. Staff sergeant Travis Atkins turned himself into a human shield when he realised an insurgent that he was doing was trying to blow himself up. The army says Atkins saved three soldiers lives that day. Michael avenue. Miss calling the charges against him. Absolutely absurd. The lawyer best known for representing porn star. Stormy Daniels is accused of trying to extort tens of millions from Nike and embezzling from one of his clients. Client who is accusing me of embezzlement is currently on felony probation in California. What he was convicted of multiple counts of obtaining money under false pretense. Never naughty spoke with CBS news..

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