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The defense claimed her shooting was retribution for a large scale drug deal gone wrong. If Ray had just paid us the money, none of this would have happened as the drama shifted to that back room. Judge Charles lamb. I instructed the jury to pick a foreman. Most observers presumed it would be her Brown a lawyer for thirty seven years himself. And one had even tried cases against the lead prosecutor gentry caudill, but Brown wanted no part of the job. I never did get into a contest with anyone else trying to be the form and I prefer not to because I think it would appear had been a form of being an attorney with as much experience as I had, then the people may get out of there. Well, why did you have that one lawyer there when his other eleven jurors have been more puppet like I did not want that to happen. The attorney recruit. Himself immediately, which we all thought was probably a good idea because he said, if I'm jury foreman, whatever verdict we come out with is going to be torn to bits. And he said, I just don't think that it would be fair interest to me or to the jurors for me to be the reform was fifty two years old and worked at a Charlotte charity called crisis assistance ministry. You'd actually served on a jury in a murder case before the not as the Forman. But this time Pinna was elected Forman in a secret ballot after I was elected, we said, well, we don't need to vote on anything right now. We need to just kind to get our thoughts about us. So we all started going through our notebooks. And then I said, okay, give me some some input. What are your thoughts next? The jury needed to reach unanimous agreement on each of the four charges Karoo faced ver. First degree murder conspiracy to commit murder using an instrument with intent to destroy an unborn child and discharging a firearm into occupied property. Everyone. Very composed in in our deliberations. And there was no unkind words said to anyone drawer. This is Brown again, problem ause well, Ray Caruth wasn't the actual man who shot and kill the victim sharia atoms for name in North Carolina. Criminal cases, prosecutors can recommend the charges to be brought against the defendant and the defense can even way in. But the exact crimes right Caruth was charged with were determined by judge lamb who died in twenty sixteen, both sets of lawyers told me they agreed with lamps charges. Judge lamb told us what he intended to charge on. And that was first degree murder or not guilty. And the reason is and judge lion was falling law and correctly doing so this is gentry. Caudill the lead prosecutor. In the case, all the evidence was that this murder was done. Premeditation deliberation and specific intent to kill. There's no reason, no justification for submitting anything. But I agree murder by way of premeditation. So it was first degree are not guilty to the murder charge. The jury was given a verdict sheet to fill out for each charge writing down guilty or not guilty on each of the four pieces of paper. Well, we, we took votes on various charges. Some members of the jury had their minds mostly made up including an insurance underwriter in his late fifties. Whose name was Jerry karst. We had only one choice for the murder charge which was murdered in the first degree. At one point I asked question, is there anybody in here who doesn't think Caruth is up to this and up to his eyeballs. Everybody said, yes, they agreed that he was in the jury room. They weren't buying defense attorney, David Rudolph's theory that shriek have been killed over a drug deal. I've seen his most recent staircase set on Netflix, and my impression of David was he came up with alternate set of possibilities that were never backed up by anything in the testimony that I ever heard..

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