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Attorney david kendall hand they some drives what's to retain the chief a firm dr watt nothing is office and i'm just wondering why nobody is trying to attack that point that you know so we can let hillary's attorney t classified skiffs related documents on a thumb drive locked up in his office by her here they're going to try and go after president trump's attorney for torstar alleged affair that happened back in the twin cam twelve years ago it's treasonous marquee is first of all your points are excellent or your points are absolutely excellent there's no question that hillary clinton's lawyers were able to control all the electron information in all the paper information the documents and control that entire process you're exactly right and then here we have a federal judge kimba woods the love judge by the way go ahead and google her name and you'll see what i mean the love judge and she basically leaves it in the hands of the prosecutors so i don't disagree with you at all i think it's an excellent point these tech giants are using the revenue they get from you to further their liberal agendas now you're gonna sit back or are you going to finally say enough is enough and join the platform where conservative hosts are headed in droves when we started levin tv we know it was going to be a good show place where conservatives could ask the tough questions and finances well we didn't know what's that it was going to start a revolution in conservative media every day we're providing a platform for conservative voices that the liberal mainstream media won't allow on their networks we're finding a home for free thought in the exchange of ideas but that means we can't get lazy and allow.

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