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The world that the words of any other person do not does that mean that you focus on every single outrageous tweet i think not but when he makes a statement that suggests a direct course of action against the press then gets proper to be truly alarmed because you see these two wire ends connect you see the rhetoric connecting with potential action you've been in articulate advocate for both sides of the panic question why because i go through that same conversation every day in my own head because i think both the side are right in a way that both of those sides are wrong to i mean trump divides not just parts of the electorate but divides people between themselves you know sometimes you wanna approach tweets that trump puts out that are outrageous on their face as just trump being trump and nothing's going to come of it you can find plenty of examples where that approach is justified but then again on the other side of the divide you say this can't be allowed to pass this is something that just is beyond the pale and needs to be called out as such david thank you very much thank you david snyder is executive director of the first amendment coalition the president also took aim anthem fire from the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee erstwhile pounds now sparring partner republican bob corker president trump went on another tweet storm or the sworn in over outgoing republican senator bob corker and senator corker responded by calling the white house quote and adult daycare center markers trump as toddler metaphor our had long been a media trump far it has been a are off start to the school year for donald trump his report card is definitely going to say has problems working and playing well with others and there's not much we can do what can we do because the oval office doesn't have any corners you can't put him in a time out good for a chuckle until you consider the gelled fan nath given that the president has the nuclear codes in cazin shrink from baiting north korea into a potential war here's vanity fair special correspondent gabriel sherman speaking with chris hayes this week as a conversation i had with a very prominent republican today who live early was saying that they imagine general kelly secretary mattis had had conversations at if trump lunged for.

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