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Derek, it is good to catch up with you. Like White Korea. It's been a little while it's good to be on this floor. It is. Ah, twins are off to just a tremendous start. If you're to point to one or two things. Why would you say the fast start? Well, I think our whole team really has banded together through the course of these. Certainly challenging and unique times during the course of summer camp to just try and prepare themselves to be as ready as possible and take each game and one to its own. And I think that right now we've started out the season just focusing on every individual night. Just just try and win that nice game. Just try and play the best you can that night. Everyone has pitched in. You know, we've had guys We had a bullpen day that had to go through when we had a starter scratched. We've had offense off the developers at times and certainly some really good defense as a team, So I think you went. You went 10 out of 1st 12 when you're playing well on all three sides of the equation there pitching defense and offense, and we're doing that right now. Yeah, and to your point, and sometimes it gets to be cliche and, well, you know, the guys are focused and whatever, but I actually I agree with you because, look, you know, it's a really difficult time right now. And guys air Look what they have to go through each day at the ballpark, just to be able to play in all the safety precautions and everything that's going on, and it seems like this team has just locked and loaded. And it seems like they're following the rules, even outside of like, even outside of the ball park, and it's like, Hey, we are on a mission this year. We're good enough. We can do it all, and it seems like they go to the ballpark with a purpose every day. That's exactly right. When we look at our club, you can make excuses right right now, and they're they're easy to come by. And then we had a AH, games against the club last week that ultimately had a few positive tests and has been shut down for a few days. I'll admit our guys were anxious coming out of those games. There's no question about it, but we're playing the Cleveland Indians and we had to do everything we could. They're a great team on we knew that we had to go. Battle it every night and our guys show up and they don't make excuses, and they approach every day taking care of one another, and we've talked a lot about protocols and plans and how we keep ourselves healthy. We may run into a covert situation over the course of the year, even if we do everything right, That's just the reality of this virus and being around it, But I can tell you that every one of our players are taking this exceptionally seriously. And trying to put themselves in the position to play play well every night when they step on the field. Yeah, And we've talked about this in the past. But you really hit the right buttons getting Rocco Baldelli to become the manager here picking the right guy, but also to to your credit and and that Levin too. Compiling a roster is not is not an easy thing to do, because you've got a well we've gotta have depth, and we've gotta have also the right club house fixed. You know, a guy that the guy that maybe understands his role coming in here and just the difficulty in finding You know, guys that OK on paper. We know what they conduce. We think they can add this value. But how are they going to be in that clubhouse? Will they fit in like trying to balance like how much is it worth one side or the other? It's a It's a critical critical aspect of all of our jobs. And you said at the outset were tremendously fortunate to have rock O at the helm of this team. I think his steadiness and calmness during these Times is really important and shines through every night. Now there's just no panic, and, um he's going to go about every day. We're goingto win some games. We're gonna lose some games. But every day is going to show up the same person along the way and our clubhouse environment. You know, we have Ah, mix of veteran players who've been here before who wanted to compete and have competed in one World Series championships and They're helping to lead some of the younger players through through this time, and we're all in this for the first time in terms of no fans in the stands and and navigating an environment that none of it's unprecedented, But I think the key there is having the group of guys lean on one another. Manage the process inside those those walls and and try and do everything we can to take care of one another is true true definition of a team effort. Yeah, I want to get a cardboard cutout of myself and put it up there so that if Rocco ever does get too emotional in there a target field, he's like, Oh, man. It's a big moment. You could just look up and look at me and you'll go. Okay. Things are gonna be just fine, Cory says I'll be just fine. I think we get that cardboard. Get that for you. That will be up there, boys. We'll find out what section will make your reported out for Rocky. I might be a little more emotional than him. You know, last night had to be emotional for Randy Dob neck. That was awesome. But the guy grew up. You know, a Pirates fan would go to every single home opener with his dad. Here he is. He gets his first start in Pittsburgh and then six scoreless. That's so cool. It was a really cool moment for him. Everything you just said, and I talked to him just before the team left for Pittsburgh. And he was excited. You could tell already is not an emotional guy self all that but very pretty steady. Oh, you could tell he was excited even in the first inning. Typically, when a guy with a sinker baller like he is a little up in the zone, it's probably because they have some energy going in each of those pitches and we saw the first he settled in great. Three strikes as he has basically for us for the last two years and hey was he was a great great guy last night to go on the mound. That's a special moment to get a win in your hometown that will be a moment will remember for the rest of his career. In the starting staff, you know, adding, adding Kenta Maeda, who starts today, right here in new stock, a 30 W. Cco rich Hill, who had one great start, He'll be back and then you know, just adding into that that starting staff has certainly made a difference. But what you guys have done with the bullpen and how they've responded. He even guys who are back this year to this is light years better than it was at the beginning of last season. Well, each of those guys have gotten better. I remember it the midpoint of last year. I think I might have said something during an interview. But I felt this was a really talented group and had abilities to get hitters out and we were pitching to the best of our abilities at that moment in time, But you could see under the surface that pitches were there. Guys were learning to refine what they were trying to do. Catchers were on the same page and we were getting better as we went along. Tyler Duffy is a great example of that somebody's happy months and downs in his career, but What he's done since really the midpoint of last year through today has been tremendous, so bullpens are challenging T navigate..

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