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Kind of things you know. We had the The animal loss in Australia where they Because you brought up animals Where they you know in the fires are one billion. Animals died in those fires So the animal alas alone. We weren't seasons something. We were conscious of bet. It further opened us up and then the the fires and the different thing. So if you are an impact in any way few All of us are have natural compassion. There just a lot of people on earth right now are natural impact. That's why they're on the earth right now because we have this global movement to Have more compassion toward the earth and to each other and to animals but anyway that the smoke from those fires actually circulated all over the globe and and affected the lungs of millions of people. So we were already -ceptable. Yeah so impacts are now fielding a lot of this heart energy unconsciously so. It's so interesting to me about. This fire is actually affects lungs as well But lungs are the area of a body that we hope hold sadness so arief sadness actually lives in the lungs so I am telling people in my tribe focus on your lungs. Breathe through unprocessed grief. This is a time where you can be away from. Everyone and you can go into your private chambers and you can cry you can take a bath you know and you can get out some of the things you may be. You're so busy before with other things or you know. It just didn't seem the right time. Or what have we will now? We have been given this invitation to stop and clear the heart sadness for the whole world and then for each of our own personal as interesting in the lungs. Because I'm just thinking of Corona virus. Would it does it? Impacts our long. So I think that's a really interesting perspective in the mix of all of us in factly It's an another piece that came to mind as you were sharing. That was interviewed Dr Anita Sanchez husband. Probably almost two years ago now and her book is indigenous wisdom for modern times and she was doing a lot of work around the world with with indigenous Communities and leaders and part of what they were talking about in. Our podcast is out there so you can go here. But it's Part part of what they were talking about was that this is the rise of the feminine energy was really coming and it was really an important time for our world right now so you know all is just you know all these pieces start to fit together and it's amazing where how it's all unfolding and So thank you for sharing all your your wisdom on this. I think it's really fascinating I'd love to hear some of you. Help women step into their self worth and I know you have an incredible story about finding your own self. Worth worth right is that it was twisting turning. It was not straight line by any means. Can you share more of your personal story? Sure So I was born into a family where there was a lot of severe mental illness for many generations back. We don't know how far back because it wasn't really talked about attract pass you know. Great Depression era and previous to that but my parents together have six children. I mean they they were. I don't have parents. I should say my parents biologically at six children. And I'm the second oldest and I am the only sibling to this point. That's never had a panic attack or been diagnosed with a major mental illness Not Very haven't had a panic attack But mostly bi polar. I'm between two sisters one year older and one two years younger who are both diagnosed bipolar And mother on her side of the family. Lots of suicides with cousins and Whatnot my dad on his side. He lost a sister to suicide and in her suicide letter. She asked me parents to raise her three year old son so he was adopted as the seven child in our family only awarded and She was young. She was my aunt. She was thirty two when she died. And then my sister Fifteen years ago in this coming April. She took her life and she loves behind five children and her children. She was thirty. Four her children ranged in age from two to twelve and she and I are only two years apart so we were close. We lived in the same community. Our children stay Mejia's When that happened in two thousand five on my cassette coming up on fifteen years it actually change the trajectory of my entire life path I had a psych degree. I actually worked In a sector hospital is a group. Counselor I also worked at an addiction. Recovery Center as a family education director so most of my training was traditional clinical And my sister when she died was on about a dozen medications to manage for bipolar symptons. My older sister you're older was also on justice. Many medications at the time of our younger sister's death and she turned to the family literally to the day of the hour. We find out about other sister and said she beat me to it so my other sister. How a suicide plan? So why? Yeah and and when all this came to light in after he lost Shana Like I said it changed everything just in the way that I I mean because here have children you have five children and a new that that there was a high likelihood they would inherit something right and also just wanting to stop that pattern and how an and having worked in western treatment models in clinical settings. I knew that we really weren't healing. People like I saw a lot of recidivism. I saw a lot of relaxing a lot. People just not feeling and what is wellness and what is wholeness and so my sister my surviving sisters and mom and I. We all dove into the healing arts holistic allergies together. Yeah we did. And as we've got to stop this and Sarah. My mom became a foot. Zoellner it's kind of like reflect reflexologist issued if were science work. And then my other sister became a massage therapist judith massage service and my other sister the wanted was was going to commit suicide She actually had already been studying like Reiki and energy medicine things but she really dove back into that in a big way so fast forward. Fifteen years All of us. All the women healers in my family. We've all and I. I need to say to that I became. I'm not a hands on healer or an intuitive or anything but I definitely dove into Things like EPA genetics and Healing from the inside out root cause natural more natural means to heal the mind body sir really dove into like energy medicine and my body medicine and I saved medicine that there was a lot of stuff I studied. That wasn't scientific but yet drastically affected My family's health and my client so I became a life coach and I just started doing my own thing and You know fast forward now. I've been all over the world speaking about natural health. I mean I go to. I have the large Global Organization of many tens of thousand strong in and we we talk about natural natural ways of healing. My Body Then my my younger sister who was pregnant with her first baby at the time of our sisters. She's twelve younger than I robin. She and I have done this largely together. I self published a book depression and now I'm I'm really involved in helping people clear out. Toxic residue of Generational Patterns Downturns. My sister that was going to take her. Life actually has released all of her medications but when why and she now is a life coach and house really actually had her bipolar diagnosis rescinded by two different doctors. So we are healing and breaking patterns. I my kids at the time that my sister died you know fifteen years ago. They were three five and seven. I had three kids. I now have five. And the oldest. And they're they range in age from twenty after the old no is twenty three now to five Now and And we are seeing this play out with this next generation that we will see different different. The patterns are breaking with that you that were coming through the generations. Yeah and and really. My passion is helping women shine in their own leader stuff sovereignty and leadership domain so the old the leadership paradigm the mouse centric one was achievement recognition Go Go You know really focused on outward mobility and the New Feminine Leadership Paradigm is All Abou- internal centering and alignment and city and expansion. But it doesn't look the same way. It's not hard numbers and hard data and figures and I see a lot of women trying to push the agenda and it really triggered me. 'cause I don't have to do that. We're here to show a different way. Which is how do we? How do we I align in our Sol's and then bring that into our homes and then bring it to a larger domains that we are this is why I are aligned? So we believe this right. We believe that it comes from the inside out perspective. And when I read your tagline your message your message I was like Oh my God I just love that first of all So tell us more about how you really helping women step into their true message through their mass. Yeah so I actually didn't make that phrase up. I don't know where he heard it but when I heard it I'm like oh that's it because every single thing that you have inherited whether it's genetic or environmental we have no we have. We have no seeming control over where we end coronated but I actually think we did shoes that we purposely chose which families system and where we wanted to be born in. Wayne you awake to our weight and aware of that. That is not the victim of what you've inherited but it's it's meant to be your vehicle of empowerment Even if you made choices along the road that didn't seem to be the highest twice while there's that is also a message right so we came here to turn lemons in time. Nate whatever you want to call it. Beauty for ashes. Whatever you WANNA say We came here to take whatever we've in our humanness and in our weakness and and make it something beautiful no matter what it was so I don't care if you're sitting in prison or if you're in the throes of addiction or wherever you're at you can take that move it. I have a brother who struggled with alcoholism. We almost lost him. Just like NAS my sister. He's now you know several years sober and now is turning his message into his his own empowerment. So.

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