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Last night. Philip rivers made quite the throw to Travis Benjamin. The drive alive. What a drive that. Was this calls to this was beautiful. It was before he was even close to being open. He ran into it. And that's what great quarterbacks. Do. They throw their receivers open anticipate where they're going to be. That was a great drive, and it culminated obviously in the touchdown and the two point conversion so Philip rivers. Travis Benjamin the rest of the chargers show to something. That's our segue into the show me something draft for week. Fifteen. Chris Simms is always you get the right to call the ridge coin toss. Yup. Let's go with the old tales. It hasn't been failing. Kristen how dare you? I come in on a Friday change my schedule around and you do this to me. But you know, I always win on the days when? I'll go I go. I'm not letting you go. All right. All right. I am going to begin. And there are a lot of different ways. I can go here. But I gotta start with the obvious. The news of the week. The termination of John de Filipo as the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. Kevin Stefanski who's been on that staff since two thousand six in pretty much every job you could have now steps in to the critical. Spot of calling the plays designing the plays communicating with everyone and doing it all in the moment in a game that is critical for the Vikings. If they want to make it to the playoffs. Kevin stefanski. Good luck. You've aspired for this your whole career. And now you have it. Good luck with it. You'd better show us something on Sunday. Yeah. It's gonna be interesting. I mean, I'm really I'm shocked. You say this is how we know you just bleed purple. This is very you wanted to go right away. Who were you gonna tell.

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