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Today in the podcast shooting rifles running with backpacks in the middle of the night Half ago you might like it. Go for meeting with somebody. He thinks a bit scary ago. Leaving your job that you've been in for twenty five years. Seems like a big deal ago. Yelm might just like it. Yes today was stood at the sink as she will. Sometimes you find yourself. And i thought about what sort of mood hours in thinking. I feel very calm. That's really nice. A year ago. I might not have felt his com. A couple of years ago. I definitely didn't feel this calm. Isn't that great. And i sort of noticed middle. Actually my head about the things that had changed for me over the last year. The list involved things like well. I'm meditating. I didn't think i'd ever meditate in my life. I don dapple palatis. Doing palatis never done that before. And now hang out on zoom call once a week for now doing some amazing things with belly any effort. That's what i like about. Pilates really liked it almost eating healthily and just trying to take more care of myself. Oh yes the big one definitely not doing as much of drinking alcohol so the booze wasn't working for me anymore really ask something had to give and so. I stopped drinking as much. I have one drink a week on one of the nights a week and that is fantastic. Now if you had presented all of those things to me a year ago when this is what you're going to be like left in your face and said no no no but we've got a phrase all house which has become so ingrained in how we do things that were always up to have a go with something always have a go and it comes largely from and it's been such a useful phrase. I want to share it with you. It comes from my husband's boarding school days. Now my husband when you meet him if you ever meet him when you when you meet him next week you won't instantly think oh. Yeah boarding school. He's not porsche and he told me this story about this. Particular instructor lay had do army stuff once a week. They got to hang out with major. Cobb who is who was the army cadet commanding officer and it was major cops pep talks which have now lived on in our household owned it was all about shooting rifles going on skirmishes running with backpacks in the middle of the night doing orienteering. A lot of the stuff that my husband really doesn't like the involves getting cold and getting wet. I mean who does that kind of thing while some people do but anyway but may jakob realize that. These fourteen year old lads perhaps could easily reject this thrilling hoppy of running around with rifles and whatnot and so his pep talk. She's to involve him saying have ago. You might like it have ago. You might like it now. Major cop sounds like he might have been potientially so have ago. You might like it so yes you might not fancy running around fields with about pecan feeling a bit hungry have ago you might like it. You might not like the idea of not drinking for the rest of your life or even next month half ago you might like it and so. This phrase was very popular in our house when the girls were growing up Because obviously when you're a kid you try new stuff it trying to be brave. Maybe about certain things Swimming a full length on your own jumping doing a dive in Going for a long walk that your parents are drinking you on the phrase half ago you might like it sort of got rolling their eyes because we said it so much but it really stinks. It's a really nice light touch way of saying half ago you don't have to commit to it forever and ever just test yourself out. How little experiment to see what you are reacting to him. Which bit of it you might like. And i think this is valuable you know. We have so many challenges. You know things that we want to do that. We held ourselves back on. Because we're frightened. We say women might like it. Like going abroad. Might not like it. Go to a big gathering whether lots of people after a pandemic. I might not like it. There's no reason why shouldn't go. But i've just got some fears anxieties around things have ago. You might like it. Yeah so this many things reply leaving your job that you've been in for twenty five years to set upon your own set up your in business half ago you might like it. Seems like a big deal but have ago. You might just like it. Go for a meeting with somebody. He thinks a bit scary half ago he might like it. You might come away thinking you've learned something and therefore it's been a been a positive about pushing yourself isn't it so let's salute may jakob for his valuable input on chivvy ing us along in our lives. Hopefully you did you know an award-winning motivational speaker. And author to find out how i could speak at your event anywhere in the world by the virtually or in person just google penny haslem and why not connect with me on twitter and linked in. Thanks for listening..

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