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Maybe. I am overthinking it. You know maybe maybe there is quite an easy way to to accommodate the best burger in the world. Here's what's interesting for me. Simon Cooper was talking to ot be am in Ireland this morning and he was he's doing the book on Barcelona right now I want everyone needs to go and listen to that interview after they've listened to this podcast go and listen. To that interview online. But here he is talking about Messi and managers, and it kind of speaks that the but your point maybe none of this matters when it comes to, Messi. Have listen why do you say messages and care too much the coaches messy sees football is a playoff game. This you have great players on the field like US Lineup Day with seven and yesterday nine learned Suarez Bellsa. He doesn't particularly Camacho, any kind of tactical briefings by coach. K. He just wants to. Play Football That's unbelievable to me. I was talking it's not shocking, but it's it's. It's I mean it kind of flies in the face of what we heard when some Poli was was manager of Argentina and how him and Messi were like texting each other and they were almost twin managers join that that World Cup. That world. Cup. In two, thousand, eighteen, which obviously didn't work well but but like see why a great I can actually understand why a truly transcendent player would feel that way because if you're talking about a manager, who's trying to lay down like a very tactical in nature and very plotting with how they're going to go about it like and you're messy and you know what you're capable of I could see him thinking, why are you trying to? Rein me in why are you trying to label me as a certain position or why are you trying to play me here? I should just be allowed to do what I do and we'll be fine. Just let me be made. Cooper says exactly what you're saying Andrew and He goes on to say that WHO sees the game better than Messi the manager are messy himself or another player Messi sees things on the pitch, the manager Cam possibly see. Passing Lanes PC's runs. He sees all these kind of things, all the opportunities, all the all the possibilities that can happen flash through his mind in a nanosecond does he receives the ball goes to get into position on a manager can't do that. It's what when we had Graham Hunter on recently it's. It's what he said in a more eloquent way when he when he essentially said messy speaks a language that is very difficult for others to interpret and grandma saying that you know like. Neymar Luis Suarez in that time the MSN like those guys spoke the language of messy and they were and you saw what the results were. Maybe antwon grease men doesn't. Philip Cotino did not. You know. So it's it's hard and you can't really know it. I suppose like once messy shows at Manchester City should that happen it's very easy for us to say, Oh, it's a bunch of great players I to me, Kevin Dubrow Anna is also a footballing genius. He seems like somebody to me who would speak that language but you see action like the Sergio Aguero you'll Messi in Esguerra great friends from the time in Argentina success that they had alongside one another. Yeah it's just for me I. Look at a Messy Guardia all and the stages they are in their career and do they want to be reunited like Messi had the formative years of his career with this sky this super intense guyq. You've seen the Tran sessions I've been at a training session and it was only one for the media and even still it was pretty intricate I. But we seem to train and sections particularly on a Amazon Prime Documentary Andrew. The field is divided up into squares alabi Elsa and there's there's like the bowl will move and suddenly the whistle goes and this intense little Jack. In the box is baldy tanned mind will jump out and start pulling players around getting into fists and telling them about runs what foot to receive the ball on body ship all this this kind of intensity, a thirty three messy common entities. Like I would be I would be drained by it. He's a draining figure to me I know, but there will be no surprises messy wants this and he knows exactly who it is that he's signing up to with Andrew outside of your suggestion I think psg in some kind of dispatches or rumors have distanced themselves saying they can't do this. They can't bring a in which I don't believe I don't know what's going on there. Maybe there's maybe there's something else we don't see. But apart from the way you live out how PSG would be fit for him. I think outside of that and probably more. So like Man City is a great fit for him. It would be all jokes aside about Kenny do it on a wet night in stoke you know. I think it would be the only plausible fit outside of PSG. I can't. I really think that's it even if that even if that transfer figure is reduced to zero. they'll be maybe Manchester United with dance around it, and maybe that's why they've been hesitant to dive into other deal so far as waiting to see what happens there but just his his weekly wage I just think we're going to rule out to many clubs right? It's how they're gonNA be able to pay. Yeah I I don't know it's fascinating. I. I can't wait to see how it plays out with Massey's father meeting with the club tomorrow because. Who knows tomorrow Wednesday could be the day where there's some kind of resolution here I doubt it I highly doubt it. I think that there will be lawyers, but we'll get some news out of tomorrow. That's for sure. So we'll keep an eye on this. Of course, this is not this is not going away anytime soon. I'll tell you what we'll take a very, very quick break. When we come back on the other side, we'll speak with Alex Day are of the Salt Lake Tribune to talk about what has happened with rail salt, Lake and their ownership delroy, Hanson it has been. It has been an ugly week in in Utah Stay tuned.

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