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Kingsbury memories unite proudly presents this special series businesses that care your host julian sullivan has such the globe for businesses with unique ideas about how they engage and inspire their workplace environment egypt zohdi is full of ideas you can easily implement so that you too can be a business the case are you ready then let's go in three two one hello listeners and welcome to another episode of businesses that care i made it so easy for you to listen to these great episodes now you just have to go to my website julianne sullivan dot com click on podcasts and i've separated mere mortals unite and businesses that care so that you can listen to the episodes you want today's gassed is michelle gillan and she is the best selling author of broadcasting happiness and founder of the institute of applied positive research she's an expert on the science of positive communication and how to use it to fuel success she's the executive producer of the happiness advantage a special on pbs and a featured professor on oprah winfrey is happiness course in partnership with sean acre the goal of good think which is the company michelle works with is to make you happy here and how they do that is by bridging the gap between academic research and the real world so that their message is not only instructive and inspirational but evidencebased and i personally love that because i'm a researchbased speaker today michelle is here to talk to us.

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