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The hear the musee allan fung as a party tom com jews that allan allan fung they mayor cranston it's going to get on the get in on the party today he's going to announce that he's running for governor this will be his second time around running for governor the republican right now looks like it's this primary clyde lewis had it not been for the coup popularly jumping in at the last minute in the last race for governor you would've had governor fung with another numbers broke down so uh allan fung thinks maybe this is my shot second time iraq come on alex cabarets opening hey hold by eating plummmeting of the democrats think that he's the player he's the guy to knock out in fact not that long ago they were running ads against him already he wasn't even and announced candidate but they're going to try to link him the trump and everything on the dark side of the republican party they'll pull whatever they count on go after fog i had him on what was at that about a month ago have among back in june back in june rollet the credit governors association came out with a little add they're running against do they must be worried about you're running for governor who have you seen the ad got it crazy ccri her car about that later they're trying to hook you to trump and say well trump wants to cut medicaid of the obamacare thank call allan fung and tell them not to do that operated i just started in my ear mere i have my own my own gone my own believe i represent the actor i'm always waiting for them i'll continue to do that and that's why i'm on the radio today kabbah joined the cabaret healthy eating rhode island were down as by home it's your home is our home.

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