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Right like what does that really sounds like a hot night or something i don't even understand what it could be unless it's him being chased by samis which was a john landis video i think i think john lab is maybe because i i think you're right that video they kind of just hand picked the best hollywood people tells us speaks to how good stan winston was because they were like we get the best guy in a tim you know i think he loved if i'm remembering this right i think he loved american werewolf in paris yeah john landis directed him yeah he loved american werewolf in paris and that was what was his influence for thriller and then when it came time to make video he's like well let's just get the guy right and then i think landes brought in stan winston goods i guess so yeah that song to like it i remember hearing monster mash as a kid oh yeah what was how's that saying is this just like a comedy short or something i don't get it then thriller i was like this is also some kind of novelty yeah something weird al song that but the video made it very credible in right it made it yeah yeah it change music video forever like you said yeah and vincent price entry vincent price in an intro outgrow yes get him get him and and also speaking of hollywood affects and creatures and stuff there's two guys here dennis moran and phil tippett both of them were visual effects artists who worked on everything and then also kinda survived and pushed the transition to computers because they dennis moran his first big job was all three original star wars movies he was basically broke basically going to leave hollywood the first star wars came along he did the first finnish effect shot in the movie which is the death star trench that they fly into and then there's a cannon shooting up.

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