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Be reelected jeff ward and ed clements afternoons three to seven on radio kale bj investingsensecom jeff ward and ed clements afternoons three to seven on news radio kkob j five ninety eight am and ninety nine point seven fm national signing day for college football according to espn georgia is number one ohio state number two the texas law horns number free in recruits oklahoma comes in at number ten some funny stuff today there is a dude a guy named jacob copeland a wide receiver who did the hat the had a tennessee hat and alabama hat and a georgia hat in front of him his mother's right next to him she had an alabama sweatshirt on and a tennessee had on he picks picks florida and mama walks but mobile walked out of the room a although he starts crying here comes and hugging him so embarrassing and here's a guy was joking with she jones you know oh no she was she walk right in front of the cameras and then there was a 4star eventually andrey chatfield paid analogy i pay uh in order andrew chatfield from plantation florida he signed with a gators buddy brought a chucky that turkey doll from the old movies yeah from yale movies yeah remember the first guy who did that jessie armstead and when he signed with miami that hot tub member that yeah used to be when there was drama dallas cargo area when there was drama to recruiting these guys have even put on a bigger share yeah yeah i remember shahnyin i used to do a thing from the stadium and it was you didn't know we got a call from randy rogers route four into the show that them they had signed a gavin the name of lavelle pekny from washington dc elevated what are what lavelle painting easter well he was one of the it was like one of the first freakishly giant bad receive wide receiver yeah typically would be a defensive end yeah and a new rainy rogers and john malkovich they loaded up with a lotta nfl with lay though they handled the country here country they were good i i argue with will still argue about what a good football mind john mack of it quarters that is pick at ricky williams out of california master play caller yeah but lavelle had had his little issues remember the night lavelle was in.

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