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Pump geeks dot com. 23 on the lookout for brake lights this morning we check in with Lori Grandi. It's a look at the Subaru retailers help New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. All right, first off there in Quincy, Jeff, we had that crash that scene that's continuing to be investigated involving a pedestrian earlier, Beale Street. Is closed off in either direction between Chapman Street and Hancock Streets will keep that in mind that continues to be closed off. They're also the expressway north and still a sluggish pocket there between Savin Hill and Southampton Street, the South bound side been dealing with the solar glare. Right sunshine slowing the ride between the furnace Brook Parkway in the split in Braintree, Check out the downtown now with Chris Neck in the WBC news, radio traffic copter. Laurie, We had a problem of run story, Dr West. It was a medical emergency right near the Longfellow Bridge and the off ramp to Charles Street That has been taken care of them, assuming they've been taken right into mass general, which is right there. So things Air open again. But the lever down ramp is taking the hit for this. It is jammed and end trying to get on Storrow Drive. Now, the inbound Tobin blueprint is also slow, so it's gonna take a little well for all of that to ease out again. Kristina on the WBC news radio Traffic copter 95 North Bank continues to be sluggish from the pontiff's street getting onto 93 work crews have set up once again today on route to the sun, right by Jackson Road in Devon's on the westbound side, So just keep that in mind and two major roadways in New Hampshire closed right now, first off the every Turnpike, North bound traffic being detoured off. At Bedford Road due to a crash there and Merrimack to Hampshire and in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 95. North bound traffic is being detoured off at the Spaulding Turnpike because of a crash on that rap. Laurie granted the BBC's traffic on the three an interesting weekend. As far as the weather is concerned, we check the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast Here's meteorologist in DeVore. It is going to be a dry weekend..

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