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Took office in march nineteen o seven months later that summer the city applied again for a permit moore was incensed by this turn of events in hopes of putting an end to the matter. He turned to the kindred spirit he had bonded with over three nights camping in yosemite back in nineteen zero three on april twenty first nineteen o eight mir seventieth birthday. He wrote a letter to his friend. President theodore roosevelt in the letter. He criticized the miserable dollar ish motives of the capless who wished to dam hetch hetchy in response. Roosevelt wrote my dear. Mr moore can show is rather favorable to the hetch hetchy plan. I have sent him your letter with a request for a report on it. I will do everything in my power to protect not only the yosemite which we have already protected but other similar great natural beauties of this country. But you must remember. That is out of the question permanently to protect them unless we have a certain degree of friendliness toward them on the part of the people of the state in which they are situated. Roosevelt and sided with pimco felt betrayed. He had been certain that if anyone would understand his opposition to hetch hetchy it would the president now the battle lines were on the one side or gifford concerto teddy roosevelt and ex mayor phelan pushing for a dam at hetchy on the other side. Were john muir. Ethan hitchcock and the sierra club who's official position despite internal disagreement was at hetchy needed to be preserved as it was in may nineteen o eight. As the roosevelt administration was entering. Its last year. Pinch show organized a white house conference on the conservation of natural resources. It was a chance for the country's leading voices in progressive conservation to discuss how to protect natural resources from exploitation and develop them for the public. Good muir was not invited two days before the conference opened on may eleventh nineteen thousand. Eight james garfield made his decision. He issued a permit allowing san francisco to begin work on construction of the hetch hetchy dam. It was a serious blow. It looked like defeat for john. Muir and the preservationists but the opposition movement was just getting started. Imagine it's a cool early spring morning in one thousand nine hundred eight you and your son. Gregory are finishing breakfast both leaf through the paper. Suddenly he snorts puts down his cup of coffee. Nearly sloshing it onto the table. Unbelievable ecu pardon that muira fool is still harping on this hetchy business. The people san francisco are yelling to flood the valley but merges seems to flood the magazines articles about how much he loves nature. It's such a shame how they're destroying that valley. Oh mother not you. To one of nature's rarest and most precious mountain mansions a break. You don't think it's important to protect beautiful places for the future. When your father was alive we took you to see some of them niagara falls for one. I seem to recall you liking it. That's different how you've never been to hitachi. I've never been there. We'll never go their mother. Let the people of san francisco decide what to do with their land. Speak for yourself. I hope to one day. See a place like hetch hetchy with my grandchildren. If i ever have grandchildren mother please well. It doesn't matter if you think. John muir is a sentimentalist. I do or anti progress. I do because my women's club. And i are already writing letters Mother don't be short-sighted gregory one day you'll thank me and if you ever find a wife she and your children will following garfield approval of the hetch hetchy project. You're and the water company created a nationwide media blitz to oppose the dam mir instructed edward t parsons director of the sierra club to target mountaineering clubs and particularly women's clubs in the campaign to save hetch. Hetchy he told parsons he wanted to stir up a storm of letters. Filling the senate chamber with the protesting leaves fathoms deep. The public debate was plastered over the pages of publications like harper's weekly and national geographic women's literary civic clubs jewish women's groups singing groups and self-improvement clubs all lobby congress in favor of preserving hetchy while dc in san francisco had embraced the.

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