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You get. Yeah. That's cool. Baheen like me. Late. Get it face New York. Do you let it take? Jackson. She. Shooting. The. Back. Bill. When I just want have. Yeah. Got a. Of money. Dow. Talking. Don't you think? Now, the girls. Bag on. I got this data show me the me. Is. Yes hottest they know when everybody knows yet. Back. Good. Bill. On. Guys. Bob. Number one. The middle of ninety minutes on star. Six. Try. Bench. Clear. Hi. See? Smoke. Daddy. Gene. Boise. No money there. Problem. Now, go. Snow? Check. Check. And. Every time. Candy. Back down. Fuse. Kid. No more got over. Lucy. Oars? Valley. On the track. Move. Cowboy. Oh, my. Nobody. Perfect. Second every. Pie. Hi. Nights down right now. National grace. And I know you. Everybody knows basic late everyday poetic Justice poetic Justice told you that. Trust me now, right poem dedicated win. Impotence? Better yet with them. I really wanna know you really wanna show you off. Playmate of champagne this name job girlfriends. Gee, when it go when she went to go with the with. And a good game. They say compensation. Nation. I can tell but I could never write my lesson. I write it down. Not. What? Don't. Zana's Dom freezing. That's how we already know. When my daughter Patti villa Louis. Dashes? Sally. No, he don't. I tried to show. This show. Yes. Yes. Get together Gano you with to pick Ronald young aflame here. Civil what's going on Drake. And right now, you are in a mixed view. Both at the gate out seven news. News jump out boys as you. Play give. After that. The nose. Down. Now back..

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