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I'm Sean Gallagher breaking now. Wcpo meteorologist, he broadly says this evening they did not expect the layer of warm air that would change no over to sleep for the Tri state, which is German down the original protected snow totals that were much higher. As we go through to nine o'clock, you'll notice that there's more snow now moving across the tri state and Maura of that sleep pushing off to the East. The problem with that is we're going to continue to see a lot of icing for folks who are east of Greater Cincinnati and certainly in and around the east side of greater Cincinnati. Now, the still total is around 3 to 5 inches now for most of the tri state and for those east and southeast of the Cincinnati area, 2 to 4 inches with that chance of ice accumulation. Winter storm warning. Still in effect until one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Even with last snow, sleet will still make roads slick tonight. Kenton, Boone and Campbell counties all under level two snow emergencies, which discourages anyone being out on the roads unless it is essential like if they're going to work, But even with less snow X, but Hamilton County under a level two stone advisory But the county under 11, once snow emergency in the Butler County Regional Transit Authority has suspended service until tomorrow unless the county were to move to a level three snow emergency in northern Kentucky. Barracking County is now under level three snow emergency. This means only emergency personnel should be out on the roadways will check the forecast. And radar in just a moment. Now the latest traffic and weather together. From the U. C. Health Traffic Center. You see health positions are recognized among the world's experts in chronic sinusitis. Contact the U. C. Health, ear, nose and throat for relief. Find snow and sleet continue to fall throughout the tri state. There are still plenty of slick spots on the roads, especially in ramps and overpasses. Expect roads to be anywhere from slushy to snow covered to downright icy. Still a good idea to stay in everything's pretty much closed anyway. The latest accident is nor 75 near the Ronald Reagan I'm Rob Williams on news radio 700 wlw Now ladies forecast from a train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw. You know what sleep will continue as we will see a bit of a break for some areas and then snow will begin to move in from the West. For most of the Tri state. We will see the 3 to 5 inches of total accumulation possible to the four to the four farther east and southeast of the tri state where there is more sleet expected. And even some ice accumulation, the low dropping down to 15 degrees, and as we move into Tuesday, we will see Cloudy skies and a high ability 21. It will be cold the next couple of days. Our current temperature is a 20 degrees and looking at the radar, seeing some lighter precipitation, activity and parts and all the Kentucky also around Hamilton County, Cincinnati area getting a bit of a break. Dearborn County, Ohio, Switzerland in South East Indiana. Have your the stone stained in northern portions of Butler County right now, even around the brown County area in the Panhandle, Brown County we're seeing a little bit of Ah, you know, heavier snow and sleet activity at this time. You're a bold in the traffic and road operation superintendent for the city of Cincinnati says. Despite less snow expected now, crews are still working 12 hour shifts to treat the roads, staying the course the sleet and ice that's falling. You know, that creates ah little bit of the challenge, especially because we get ready to approach the coldest time of day two. So Um, you know, Right now we're still trying to stay on those main thoroughfares and make those possibles And he said they do prefer snow, since it is easier to remove, and says ice creates more of a challenge for the.

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