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Is closed until tomorrow morning at five and north aisle five. The on ramp to P and Q. Streets are closed. It's part of their fix. Sack five project. I'm Lori Sanders News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather It will be a sunny and warm into the weekend for today. Isa of 87 to 91 clear tonight Lows in the low to mid fifties so tomorrow Tuesday will bring sunshine highs in the upper eighties to mid nineties each afternoon. AccuWeather meteorologist Bill Decker News 93.12 kfbk. Greenacres knows plants Greenacres noticed flowers. Green Acres knows trees, hand tools, patio furniture, pottery know it know it know, it. Fact is Green Acres nursery and supply has experts that know all about how to make your garden thrive. Fall is prime time for planting something new. Cooler temps and warm soil allows routes to get established for next summer's heat. Get to know Greenacres Nursery and supply. I dig Greenacres dot com Do you Once. Give your home a fresh new look and increase your energy efficiency ET for painting. Plus can help you do both A for painting plus offers cool life reflective coating that last on lifetime and reflects heat, So your home is cooler and more efficient. The paint lone ship, he'll flake or crack guaranteed. Take advantage of the coping special in, say, $500 no money down and made no payments until 2021 visit a for painting plus dot com to schedule a free estimate or call 1 804 +46 11 69. That's 1 800. 446 11 69 Listen to a Dave Ryan says about andro. 404 100. I rule It's amazing to me that I feel so good. I've lost £50. I was a size 38.

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