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The wife of louis. The eighth corbu claimed that zone year had found some of blanche's money hidden away near the village where he got this idea. No one really knows. As far as history can tell there is no loss treasurer of blanche of castile. And no one has found evidence linking her to the town of ren lucia tow but with this story corbu introduced to very important ideas into the myth of the village. I gave sewn years mysterious wealth in air of people secrecy people could only imagine what royalty your powerful figures from the past might be linked to seconds corbu version implied that more riches were out there just waiting to be found. It's pretty clear that his motive was to lure travelers to his hotel. But corbu scheme may have worked a little too well by the early nineteen sixties ren lucia tow was inundated with treasure seekers drilling holes into the mountainside. The town passed ordinances and signs forbidding excavation. There was only so much they could do to stop the influx of destructive tourism. When corbu died in a car accident in nineteen sixty eight the interest in the mystery was very close to dying along with him except for a curious author named jarrar said this a story and finally uncovered what was written on years.

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