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In the whole book where the two main characters were visiting a town and they asked where the head guy was and they get directed to the head guy and I'm like, wait a second the head guy is the father of one of these kids the kid grew up in this town he wouldn't be asking and nobody caught that on. Now I did the same thing I- adult. I had a lady that read a read through my book and she came back and told me she was like I really enjoyed it. She's like there was just one thing that just kept hitting me through the whole story and it's about Sebastian's father passing away and she was like it was a very sudden mysterious illness. She goes I kept waiting and kept waiting for you to elaborate on that on what it actually was that killed him but you never did and I was like I didn't. Like. Oh. So I'd eat out that because I thought. For me it's in my head. Some thinking I put that down I know I did right and I think sometimes if you're. Writing over weeks and months you forget what's in there? What's in your head what you've changed? Sometimes escapes you and you don't realize it. Not at all I, mean I before a sit down and start writing I. always go back to the beginning of last. Chapter I've worked on and just reread through that just. So I kind of okay. This is where I'm at right now. Right. So. Shift gears just a little bit. What authors or books have inspired you or what are some of your favorite authors in books outside I mean obviously, you know it's going to be the same as my my movie interests I love. The game of thrones books I love the Lord of the Rings Books. Anew actually started reading that I'm really really enjoying quite a bit i. haven't read through all of them. Yet is the shadow on phone books and they actually have a Netflix. Show that's coming out eventually I'll know because of corona but I started reading it I've read through book one of Read Parts Part of book too, and I'm really enjoying the story about I. Mean it's very it's also really different than a lot of the fantasy fictions and So. That's that's something that I'm like in a lot but I've always love Tolkien J. K. Rowling and. Those are always good goto bucks. Yes and I agree with those aisles. Fantasy Series Dragon Lance when I was growing up that I loved Albion though I've read them now earl in more recent years and I'm. Like this isn't quite as good as I. Remember. Yeah I. Now I I remember when I was in high school, we always had to do book reports and everybody always fought over the hobbit. So it was never available. There was only one copy in the whole library. So it was never available and I remember a friend of mine and I can't think of the name of the books. For the life of me but she was like read these, they're amazing and I remember reading on. Wow. This is amazing. But thinking of the story pen in the back of my head now like that was kind of cheesy. At that that seems to happen. All right. Well, Becca. Do you have any last advice for new authors to get to where you're at. On Lot of a lot of the best advices, Yano don't Don't rush into things make sure your research Do. Do all of the best amount of homework. You can possibly do before you right because I mean you're always going to have errors. You're always gonNA find things that need to be revised in fixed but I mean the best thing to do is just to make sure that you know exactly what you're talking about and Jairo pub are hiring editor. Yourself. You're just GONNA. Get frustrated. Agree. Well. It's been great talking to you tell us where we can find the name of your books again in we can find you online. Awesome. Well, the trilogy is called, the chronicles of chaos at book wine is called the heathen king it is available on. Amazon and Barnes and noble in paperback in an e book is also available on Google play. Apple it's all over multiple EBA platforms and I have a website. You can find a couple of links to my book starts www dot BECO- wicks dot com. Almost, on twitter, it's Becca underscore wicks if you wanna find me there and I'm on Instagram Becca wicks underscore books. You could find. Links to. All of my published works on my website, as well as clear including my old books as well. Great. Well Beca it was wonderful to talk to you and I hope maybe we could catch up again on the podcast sometimes see how things are going for. You definitely has great talking to you too. Thank you so much. Thank you for listening to discovered wordsmiths, combat next week and listen to another author discussed the road they've traveled, and maybe sometime in the near future, it might be you..

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