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Constantly, , listening longer says Cumulus is Westwood One who has published hits podcast download full twenty, , twenty reports. . It's their fourth annual study among the findings. . spotify is closing the gap with apple podcasts by total listeners it's close twenty, , two percent say the Apple, , the most twenty percents specify the most willing to that today from our show notes and our newsletter. . Do podcasts compete with music listening spotify has an RND division. We . discover and release some data in April saying as people pick up podcasts listening, , they tend to add it to their previous habits. . So music listening remains almost the same once people discover podcasts, , good news for musicians although possibly not quite so good news for specifiers hoping they wouldn't have to pay anybody for their podcasts guest. . podcast analytics and attribution company. . chargeable has raised two point two, , five, , million dollars in seed funding. . The company is tracking one billion downloads a month protracted nearest competitor tracks. . One point five, , billion, , we use that. . So congratulations to Dave and Harish. . Jack. . Mates. . Happy Hour from stuck on off has become a spotify exclusive in a youtube. . Video Jack Announces spotify offered me a life changing amount of money. . This is a game changer for us and ads I've never had any communication with Youtube. . Former NBC and Fox News Anchor Megan Kelly is to launch her own podcast network without the constraints or political agendas of other media outlets. . She says Devil May Care Media's first release will be the Megan Kelly. . Show coincidence record for Mac. . Os is a simple audio recorder that sits in your menu bar records records loss less if you like. . Could be good for safety copies congratulations to podcast host blueberry who have a free virtual events tomorrow to celebrate fifteen years in business. . They have Trivia and prize giveaways, , congratulations, , Todd and Mike, , and everyone else at large media has new logo of bold new look from the same great company. . You'll find it in our newsletter today and hereditary is building a MAC based audio editor for podcasts. . They want your help to learn more about your production process. . We've a new section in the news it's going to happen every Monday it's called the tech stuff. . It's with our S S dot com or an excellent podcast hosts. . Normally, , it's not gonNA make it into this podcast. . Today it is. It's . aimed at developers and technologists working within podcasting Zahir goes. . The podcast index has added a language fields taken from the podcast assassin plans to add eight detected language field in future to catch those podcasters who haven't correctly set it. . Joe Morocco has also produced svg versions of the podcast indexes logo, , which we now show in own search who websites development documentation has moved pages on get hub at hyper catch as now using the podcast index according to Adam. . Curry. . His podcasting ready Ip v six asks Thomas Harasser. . He notes that some of the largest podcast hosts still don't support Ip six and that some phones in India now I six only at least for media files don't support Ip six you're losing listeners especially in emerging markets he says. . And Asandra, , dear ferrier used Google Cloud Platform to produce transcripts for his podcast in. . Italian. . Willing to his notes in English on how he managed IT Marco armaments writes a tongue in cheek clarification of apple's in APP purchase rules which are ever. So . slightly opaque, , and after we reported at bug charitable correctly setting an RSS user agent, , we have more details and best practice. . Thanks from our show notes and our newsletter today. . And in podcast new seventy million is back for season three, , its season premiere seventy million takes you inside Chicago's Cook. . County jail during a rapid outbreak of covid nineteen spotify podcast launches, , incredible feats today, , it say daily show profiling amazing achievements made by people from all over the world hosted by Dan Cummings it's a spotify original available everywhere returning last week meddling adults is a podcast game show for charity with two guests solving children's mysteries from classic series like Scooby. . Doo It was the caretaker. . Linked to how they made it in our show notes newsletter today and good morning podcasts is podcast in English and in Spanish each Weekday Talk to interesting people in the podcasting scene, ,

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