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Hey. I wouldn't mind who does he wanna dance house? It's like a bounce house for adults. I mean, it kind of is. Is. Is this? This is probably not a Baldwin situation. No, I don't think it's a Baldwin's younger actor situation. No, I don't think. So now going with the comments section on crazy days and nights dot net. So this isn't confirmed blind item. We're to speculate and the consensus is that it might be this set of brothers this band. Oh, oh, wait. Okay. Is it Owen Wilson? Weird. Oh, and or Luke Wilson. Lou. We don't know who purchased the X strip club and who had the dream. But let me fill in the blank for you. Owen Wilson or Luke Wilson recently bought a strip club. Sorry. Just digesting lunch. My thing. Oh it did. Did it bonkers long Phon thong a Wilson brother dream? But I'm not sure that it just won't turn into their own private lap dance house. There's something heard. I mean, I'm fine with that. I think if you're an adult, and you wanna hire some lap dancers to go to school for. Oh, okay. No, there isn't a special lap-dancing school. There are those special schools for pull dancing, and it is Remli. Chlor so hard. I thought that I thought that the poll spun it doesn't the poll spin. That's what I thought. It'd be crazy. Have.

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