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My name is Malcolm global, welcome to broken record. You probably heard that riff before producer now Rogers. He's made so many of the classic hits the last forty years. Good times, the freak everybody dance. He collaborated with Diana Ross like virgin with Madonna get lucky by daft punk. He's produced. Everyone. Duran Duran grace Jones Thompson twins lady Gaga for goodness sake. He's a legend. Here's what you might not know about now Rogers, his mother was just thirteen when he was born both his parents would drug addicts. He sniff glue started at age ten and sometimes slept in flop-houses, but he found salvation in music I in a school band, then as a jazz guitarist and finally as a partner in Sheikh with a great bass player. Bernard Edwards on this episode. Broken record. Now Rogers sits down with my podcast partner. Bruce had lamb at New York's power station studio in hell's kitchen in the very same room where he and David Bowie created the album, let's dance. That's the original guitar. Yeah. This is still only use one guitar. I only one guitar. Do you only have one? Now, I have two hundred. Okay, give nice hollow bodies may may have. Going gonna make sure the Jellicoe as those l five Super Four hundred. But this one was when did you buy that nineteen seventy three? What was it wasn't expensive? When you put into Steve I didn't actually so I traded my jazz guitar, and they gave me this and three hundred dollars. If in nineteen Seventy-three imagine giving me three hundred dollars plus a strat. What was a jazz guitar worth? In those days. I mean, even though it's strat. It's not like any of strat. Yeah. It's light is a feather. It's thinner than anything you've ever seen. It's the nineteenth strength that they made in nineteen Fifty-nine difference in just look at the thickness of the head stock their ticket up here that you can see all from my good. Yeah. You've you've got big hands though. You don't need you don't need thin. Wow. I got small hands. You do. Oh, man. Jesus you ever see real guitar players? Like just guys like Steve i-in shit at Hendrix, like for me when I'm when I'm playing classical guitar, I I really have to to get this stretch and certain pieces that that's a big deal for me. I have my finger way down here. Most guitar player can still you can still see some of their thumb, but me, you still practice classical not really no point. But I just did an orchestral version, let's dance and I had an idea. Flank classical guitar, but it felt better to have Bowie singing with the stranger of amazing go. Yeah. Exam believe I wanna ask you all the songs, but let's start with. Let's dance. I want to tell me about the first time you heard the song. Yeah. The very first time David played let's dance for me. He walk into my bedroom. We're in Switzerland. And I believe that he had said he just written at the night before. And he walked into the studio and he played something. Something that sounded like that. You know, it was like I and I was like that was and he was into it. And he had the lyrics as well. Well, he just he he was singing very true to like he knew what it was. He was singing. It's almost hard for me to do it. I was he doing. No, I did that. I that's what he's he's. That's there. Zone. Really heal? Neth some. This. The your face. And then I asked him if I could do an arrangement. So I feel around within. I was going. And I knew that he liked jazz. So I could put into jazzy chords, and I could tell that he would like it right away. But then when I moved from a minor up to be flat. It actually had a different vibe it got it got brighter. Mike and funkier Saudi sauce. You can only hear like. Oh. And by the way, when I started playing I only imitated his just for few bars. I started going. That's still sounded dark. So then I moved up and occupy wet..

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