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Okay. Kids, you have fallen in love with the Chad breakthrough show. Now, all you have to do is tell your friends and family all about it. So they can be equally offended as you we're here just to make things a little crazy in your day. We come to you four times a week. And we encourage, you every time over to YouTube and watch it or wherever podcasts are offered. Because we're capitalist, we won't advertisers say, wow, that's one of the best podcast in America, and we want to get your money so we could advertise through you, but it's going to be people like you that matter. Okay. That's what we're here to do. This is not. This is a four profit business. We're not Venezuela yet my friends and speaking of good podcasts. I'm sitting here with my good buddy Jeffey Fisher, the host of. Oh my God. Have you ever? Choo choo. No, I was gonna ask you where you're gonna like did you get to choose that name chewing. The fat with Jeff we, we all chose did a segment. I started doing a segment on Pat gray show. Yeah was doing a segment every day pet show when he was doing afternoons he does mornings now early. I'm not doing everyday, and Stewart really. But did every day in the afternoon? So we just called it the chewing the fat segment. I like that. See I love to in the fat and I totally re your tweet off the other day. I just deleted all the fat Steph and chat shows just copied pasted put it in here for your giver. I never got to really choose the name of a podcast, it was chosen for me out of LA back when I was with another production struggle was. Not that vain. I mean I'm not Graham Allen, grandma Allen, but I'm not that Dane. I'm not Glenn Beck. So yet for your back. I hear Glenn Beck has a fabulous bunker. No, I. Wife likes it. So anyway, but I like my buddy automobiles that used to play. I understand. This is where it's going to go today. Folks. My buddy Aubrey huff that used to play for the San Francisco Giants. Like his new podcast off the cuff with of, can't see that's great. That's great. Anyway. Ballplayers. Steph's over here. He's a ballplayer, but you have a different guy in hot news, Natalie over there. Just got a text back from your husband. I sent him that picture. And he said, she's a keeper. Oh, god. Tonight. Yeah. The puppet master Markus, sitting at the helm of the starship of Stu studio. Twenty two boy, Stu came out of me talking about a Freudian. Wow. Kidding would stoop comes out of you can't DC Queen of the peons you guys make my life, all sink, and perfectly in harmony. The yes, Yes, I didn't I didn't know know that. that she is. Well, she's actually Queen of the Ecuadorians, but she's a little bit ashamed. Don't be afraid. She's trying to appropriate races. What she's trying to do because my mother-in-law is from Ecuador, does your, the Queen of that place else to tell her shoes didn't. It's been some disputes. The crown is up in the air. So whatever Jeffey comes in. We like to do little segments called the news that doesn't matter news. Sounds a lot. Like my podcast. It doesn't matter. You can get it all the time on in the kid, I actually provide five days of content of chewing, the fat Monday through Friday. I don't know what your deal is with the four day thing, but. Hot news. Natalie brings us all of the headlines and the things that are going on in the world. And even that to me is news, that doesn't matter because you have to report something everything every day died. I struggle, and it's not really a struggle. But I mean I don't do any politics, very little verify mean very little politics onto the fat. I can't yeah. It's drives me insane. It's ludicrous. Yeah, it's ludicrous. I was gonna bring something up, but we're not going to do politics McKay. Mckay. Do I sit on the news and why it matters? So I mean, that is a lot of politics stuff there. I sit in on Glenn Beck's radio show from time to time you know, that's full of politics. I get it, you know, but it's just it just drives me crazy, Glenn for how long forty eight fifty years. Something like. Like I've seen this bunker. Glen's house. Look like LL bean catalog. I'm just wondered, you know. Does nothing's out of place, anyway? Yeah. You build a little bit exposed fact. Yeah. It's agonizing actually. Yeah, he's, he's, he's cleric in control. You have a headline that's pressing like something that's going on in the world that you want to talk about because I have one that I want to, but I want to give you your the guests so we'll know am. I know I am here for you to Chad. Prater is a program or show. We'll call it. Whatever as long as my name's in it. Jeffy. Give me something. What are we got? What's happened? I mean we could go down a list. I'll give you a couple of headlines, we can, we can tell you things that don't really matter. I thought that's what we do this matters. Nintendo has so much money. The company could lose roughly two hundred and fifty seven million dollars every year and still survive until twenty fifty to see that's news. It does Ryota get him on. Mighty ligi. There's money and mushrooms, man, there's money in killing turtles, we could dig into this story. And the story is just for the really for everyone in the room will say. Yeah, that's right. But it's a there's a new the new study out that I don't even want to delve into the story. I'm just going to redo the headline. Okay. Women with psychotic disorders found to have worse symptoms around the time of their periods. Tax payer money went into that study. I mean you wanna talk about state in the obvious. I know. Yes. First of all, that begs the question you mean there are some women that aren't psychotic. I mean, my gosh, Alsace it, you women, and, you know what, here's what's going to happen is, how dare you say that, you know, why you're typing those words right now on your keyboard fuss? It me and Jeffey is because you're psychotic. I used to follow you until now this airport on a you don't have to announce your departure. Oh, thank you. I'm a little out you're put on my period. Sure. Are you? Sure, because I live, but around here people to feel sorry for you. So I'm feeling hot. I've got a flash. This room is the fires of hell Glenn Beck. People haven't even alive. Glenn stepped over mounds of humans that burned to death coming into this room game when you're a kid you used to step over on the furniture to furniture. So you wouldn't hit the hot lava. Like it's literally like that is. Those of you watching and listening doesn't matter to you. Because you're in your conditioned automobile your home, and you're like who's it? Everybody was comfortable as me know all everyone is not people. Always ask is not really that hot studio. Twenty two Jeffey came in here, Minna go, and he goes, I wouldn't do it. I would I would not do it wouldn't. They did diagnose the problem today. Yeah. It's called. I dunno. It needs an air conditioning. They don't have a degree. I could figure that way solid this show fring link time. You've seen. We've had styrofoam swamp. Coolers built in here with ice melting in it with fans blowing it through the whole. I mean, we have necked the hell out of this room. No, that's not happening guest and call him. Hey, we need a C did. Call guest. And guest and goes I didn't even know. It was a problem over there. And I'm like, okay, that's a good. That's, that's an answer of a boss that just wants to avoid the problem. No. I promise you. Oh, it's a problem. Listen gas. And I do love my job, but I'm gonna tell this because it's funny he's like and if it's not fixed by next week. Let me know again. That's called management. That's exactly keep you informed. I mean, that's, that's that's out of control. I wish I don't sooner any Nintendo. Say something anyway. The women go crazy when they get their periods now before before we started talking live on the air. We were actually talking live off the air because we're both still alive. Anyway, the we talked about your guest that building bunkers and Booker, those things I kind of feel like they always sound good. And they're everybody kind of. Yeah. You always kind of what one it feels like you should have one but d really want want. Yeah. I mean, are you really going to use it? Or are you gonna are you gonna look out and it's going to be as tornado actually common is the thing, actually, we're fine. I'm gonna go back to bed. They had a bunker. They're all dead, as they didn't go to the bunker was fine. Right. Everybody the dog went to the bunker is fine like I think that I would probably wind up just leaving the door open. It would be one big hundred thousand dollar doghouse, what it would be better way. It would be. That's it. I'm outta here. I'm going to the bunker to watch TV. Well, that's not what it's for now but the good thing is. And you were talking about having a place to get away to, but Amazon now and everything old is new again. Of course, Amazon is selling prefab houses online, free delivery, Sears, an robots. Thank you very much. That's exactly years years of past. Now where it used to be able to get a house out of the magazine. Now you can get a house out of the price point is on, like they carry that in on one of those Amazon Drome pretty close. It'd be bigger drought. It's called a helicopter. Yeah. But because the smaller the real deal is the small one is like a hundred and seventy two square feet for seven thousand. So it's a bid. Yourself get the two hundred ninety two foot square cabin. Let's nineteen thousand their free shipping. That's the mom pod. You put in your backyard for you law. Yes. That's exactly living in your house. But, you know, they're close enough, or you can rush him the emergency room. This is like the, they have the two hundred ninety foot square cabin that doesn't include additional sleeping, loft large enough to function as a summer house, or you can put in, you know, make sure you Tila. These are hooked up. So if you're not getting it for your daughter, bless her heart. Yeah. Having a little house back. You, you. Right. You can have the relatives. Have you ever seen those shows on HDTV where they talk about the tiny house of, and they go in there and set him up, and then we're gonna live here, you crazy. Crazy. No. Like anyone that much my space? I don't know if you know this, but I prefer that guy seated, I know it's a surprise, but I prefer that in my life, and those tiny homes, do not have that guy seating. They do that. It's one of those psychotic women who are on their periods. Imagine. One hundred forty five square feet. Live that, yes, you're not a bad deal. I often thought that we should might one of my ideas, million dollar ideas was to have a, you know, the what are the, like the U-Haul, the U, boxes, and the, the other boxes that they drop off at your drive, the pods that you could we could make those as just like a living room. So that when you had relative stop by you just order a pod, and they stay in the pot a hose up for him to use the bathroom in the pot. You stay out there. Joe's time to go you just call up in the pod goes, yeah. You just push them right into the whole you already had ready to go. In the family died. You just have a personal MAs Lille. Get back up. He's drop them in, but we're going to do. That's actually look I was thinking we were going down the road. Stephen, we were in some town, driving through the country from going to a live show that we do in. And I we passed a cemetery, and I was like, what time who, like who thought? Let's just take all of our dead people in just put them all in the ground. Let's just keep them there as like a memorial alleged use of all of this, great real estate to just keep people in the ground. Like at some point, I think like cremations becoming a popular deal bird, scattered me out. I don't wanna be in the ground anyway, living or dead. And then we'd make it where they can't decompose you know. So now you dug up grandma's been dead for twenty five years. She looks exactly like she did at the funeral. She's still the only thing on her is the rose that was clipped to her, you know, but other than that he's still look, it's been a fight for a, while, the state of Washington, just okayed compost of human bodies. Oh, so you're able to do it. They're going to legalize. They're gonna miss the body with wood chips and straw. And then in a matter of weeks, you're ground, I or well, why do you hate humans? Why do you hate the human Steve, not there? Let's what I wanna know is a fight. I mean here in Dallas. They had a big fight last year about that. Because the, the university takes the dead bodies that they want from the morgue, and then the homeless people that don't have any ideas or anything just sit in the morgue and the ones that the university don't want, then they tried to ship them off, and they don't ship them off and what they were doing. Is giving them a special liquidation drug. So the body's just dispersed, and they would just throw it down the drain, and then they'd grind the bones up and make, you know, bone dust garden. And they're like, no, we can't do that anymore days ago doors. She was working the rose garden and today is the rose garden. Right. It's a crazy thing. And, you know, these cadavers like I've known people who've dedicate donated their bodies to science to be cadavers, and stuff like that. And they passed away. And that's what they were to the to the, the body farms well, if they wanted to that..

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