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Um she's really not supposed to be very good so why are you aspiring to be her and i think that's why i'm drawn to it because to me sally bowls singing you're right with the exception of liza minnelli who is an incredible singer in that movie it's that idea of like when i was a kid in high school i used to turn out all the lights in my bedroom and in the dark saying and pretend that i was singing in front of a in like a jazz club or something and just expressing myself and it kind of has nothing to do with with being a great singer it has everything to do with with just like leaving your heart on stage and that to me is what it if that simi what i like about it like in these cavalry's that i do it it's different it's honestly differ music every time and different songs because it's whatever is kind of of speaking me in any particular moment that's can and make me have that that feeling of of laying my beating heart on stage um jonathan grove it's just been great to talk with you thank you so much it's such an honor to get to talk to you jonathan graf recorded in october a couple of weeks after the release of the net flicked series mind hunter in which he stars as an fbi agent all ten episodes are available for viewing the show's been renewed for second season later this month he'll do a salute to the songs of bobby darren at new york's ninety seconds street why lyrics and lyricists series and that wraps up our holiday series tomorrow on fresh air we get back to new interviews and talk about alzheimer's disease what we know about how the disease attacks the brain and destroys memory and what researchers are investigating that might delay its onset and reduce the damage it causes my guest will be british neuroscientist and researcher joseph jebali author of the new book in pursuit of memory the fight against alzheimer's i hope you'll join us.

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